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What needs to be known, traveling around the European Union countries to avoid incidents?

Will be a question about small, but there is enough - the important elements of communication leading to misunderstanding between the Russian people who for the first time arrived to the European Union countries and residents of these countries. To avoid the conflicts and incidents, it is necessary to learn a little about culture and language before you prepared for travel or holiday. But if you did not manage to make it or do not want because to you it is simple - naprosto laziness, and maybe is once, then I will give to you couple of advice which I, hope, will help.

On the road

So, you arrived as the tourist to some European Union country. You stand near the road and you want to pass it on to a zebra . How to cross the road, depends on in what country you are. If in Spain, Italy, France, then be careful! Drivers of these countries the same reckless drivers, as well as in Russia. And here if you arrived to Germany or England, then walk safely, the rested drivers devoted to rules will wait to victorious until you cross the road the first. However it is worth to remember that except the correct Germans and British, our compatriots, and also Turks, Albanians also live in these countries and many others - here they sometimes forget about traffic regulations. So it is better, all - to look on the parties before taking a step on the striped road.

If you the motorist also go through France, then prepare more money and gasoline. Practically all gas stations in France card, and autobahns paid. And here in Germany, on the contrary, - autobahns free, and, unlike France, in some places are not present restriction of speed. But only on some pieces. Driving to Great Britain by car, do not forget about left-hand traffic! In Spain and Italy it is necessary to be extremely attentive - there drive still whip, than on any autobahn.

In cafe or restaurant

you arrived to Germany and came to restaurant. Saw the familiar word " in the menu; " cutlet;? Die Kotelette is the big meat bone sauced, and at all not that you imagine, associating " cutlet; with a fried oval from meat, onions and bread.

You in Bavaria or at specific German restaurant? Then in the menu it will be obligatory Sausage " salad; ( Wurstsalat ). It is not sausage salad as you thought. It is the plate of sausage cut thin long worms watered with vinegar with small - small cut acetic cucumbers which are hardly noticeable.

If you arrived to Spain or Italy in the summer and you are tormented by thirst, and you left money in hotel, be not upset. You can ask to drink in any coastal cafe, and you will be given a glass of water absolutely free of charge. (Do not forget to tell that you with yourself have no money!) Water will be not mineral, of course, and from - under the crane, but if in a throat absolutely dried up, there is no place to disappear.

Sitting in English Tea - House do not even think that Cream - Tea - it is cream tea. It is usual black tea, for example, Earl Grey, and to it moves the magnificent roll smeared with oil and jam or jam. In some regions of England from above put on a roll also whipped cream, in others cover with them tea. Actually, therefore it and is called.

The smoking person is a little about a miscellaneous

If you, then surely look on the parties before lighting. In many cafes, restaurants and even in certain places on the street it is forbidden to smoke. And surely take with yourself in travel more cigarettes because is cheaper, than in Russia, you will not find cigarettes. For example, in Germany one pack of cigarettes costs about 4 euro, and in England about 5 - 6 pounds sterling.

Be careful in Germany to show composition from three fingers . For it not only can give you, as they say, on a muzzle. On you can write the application to the police as the ordinary Russian fig other means something in this country - namely the fact that you offer someone the dirty, single sexual relations.

If you badly know German, and you need to find any house, and to you call its two-place number, then do not forget that only in Germany figures are read on the contrary. For example, 47 - in German it will be read not forty seven, and seven and forty .

Before going to England, look to yourself for hotel from modern. Because in old cranes habitual to British on a sink: one with hot water, and another, separately, with cold water. To gather a full sink of water to wash as it is accepted in England, in others place, especially in hotel, at least it is unpleasant and unhygienic.

It is only a small share of the fact that it is necessary to know about that country to which you were going. If in Russia many sneer at fascism and Nazism, call Afro-Americans Blacks, cross the road anywhere, and motorists do not pass pedestrians, then in Germany, England, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and other countries for promotion of fascism, racism, Nazism, for an obzyvatelstvo, disrespect and rudeness can put in prison. Be vigilant.

I wish you good holiday!