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Television or the Internet - what to choose?

After the publication of the article Whether war between television and the Internet Is admissible? I read several responses. It forced me to sit down at the keyboard again.

My question in the name of article does not enter category: For Bolsheviks or for communists? - it not that comparison, there everything is uniform. But between television and the Internet nevertheless it is necessary to choose. In days - only 24 hours. Daily necessary duties take away 50% from them. From the remained time it is necessary to find how many - that on a dream, and the rest, is frequent to the detriment of a dream, - on mass media, television and the Internet. And here - that everyone also chooses - whether to devote this time to thoughtless contemplation blue " screen; or nevertheless to work at the computer. For those who already it is sick the Internet, everything is clear. But my question is more addressed to all rest.

in what paradox? Article about advantages of the Internet is available only to those who do not need to explain it. And the others - sit at TVs, for them a choice is already made too. And these the others it is too much. How to explain to them that the Internet not only is more useful, but also is more interesting? Naturally, to force television to propagandize the Internet - it is impossible. So let at least do not disturb! It I also wanted to tell

in the first article.

Probably, my abilities did not allow me to inform clear readers of the main sense which I wanted to enclose in article. Lack of experience affects.


Article was directed to promoting of the Internet, to attraction of broad masses to this communication medium, boundless by the opportunities, a civilization product. And - and it is very important! - I addressed both youth, and the senior generation. To those who did not open for themselves the Internet yet.

Television - the promoted mass media. 99,99% of the population use it. And more - pensioners, youth who is more free. But it is mass media completely under control. It is dependent on money, on ideology of the owners. There cannot be an opinion which undermines foundations of the existing power. The means TV tries though somehow to impart to the population love for the country, feeling of patriotism, intolerance to ideological opponents. Let it is wrong, but tries! And we already got used to it, reconciled.

The television widely uses the Internet for the needs. At each popular program, the program - the e-mail address. It usually good form. As one of readers noticed, and rollers can be seen in the Network. Only it is unclear - why still to visit resources of television if all this already was on blue " screens;? If just - did not manage to remember that And so - there are a lot of more useful resources.

However it is impossible to assume that the television saw the competitor, the opponent in the person of the Internet. It goes to harm to us, simple citizens. And generally - to the detriment of that part of the population who is still insufficiently familiar with the Internet who does not realize all its opportunities and advantages.

Movies on the Internet? Yes, it is possible too. And it is possible to choose from infinite number. But unless only it? E-mail and IP-telephony, in my opinion, are much more interesting and more necessary. My acquaintances installed the equipment for the videophone on the computer. Also communicate with relatives from Germany. At the same time not only hear, but also see each other on the screen. And the cost of this service is lower, than payment for long distance calls. Having an unlimited tariff, they communicate how many they will wish. Up to that can tell daily each other Good morning! and Good night! or to show all process of preparation of pie of own recipe in kitchen.

Telling about similar services on televidenyu, it is possible to promote their more active introduction in Russia. In the same America it is not considered a rarity for a long time. TV should be not criticized these damned bourgeoises and to tell more about their achievements, progress. Can be then at us and people will become more civilized, and roads will be better (it is my sharpness concerning the main Russian troubles - roads and fools).

However, there are already gleams and in telecasts.

Recently on " TV channel; Culture observed useful and interesting discussion on LJ . If someone, maybe, does not know yet, LJ - it LiveJournal . Such name carries special service on the Internet which allows everyone to open own diary in the Global network. By the way, idea of it LJ also belongs to Americans. So our Russian patriots can present also this fact as minus and LJ and to the Internet in general. Only in this magazine of 400 thousand Russian-speaking authors and 10 million readers. All of them do not reflect whether patriotically to use the American idea, but their mind is read by inhabitants not only all Russia, but also planet in general. And not just read, but think of read and write own responses. Whether it frightens our power that people begin to think?

Life seemed me more interesting project, in comparison with called above. Therefore I write these lines here. I hope that readers and authors will support me, and through joint efforts we will be able to convince undecideds Russians to make the choice for the Internet.