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And what you do not know about Holland? I often had to hear

from interlocutors who, having learned that I live in Holland, gave me the knowledge about it at once - and, there take place parades of homosexuals and the sea of addicts! And it, generally everything that very much know of modern Holland.

Amsterdam - the capital of Holland, certainly, the capital of defect and debauchery therefore Dutches not delighted with the capital, they do not wish to live here, and even, practically, do not visit Amsterdam. Here, immigrants generally live. But the city, certainly, is beautiful the numerous monuments of architecture, sculptures and a set of the museums. However Holland does not come to an end with Amsterdam.

Holland - madly beautiful country which is in Europe between Germany and Belgium. The part of Holland is below sea-level therefore Dutches should care as it is possible better that the country did not leave under water. From - for overpopulation of the country Dutches drained part of a bottom of the sea and made the artificial island on which inhabitants also located. The coast of the country from waves of the cruel North Sea is protected by a massivneyshy dam. It is equipped with huge gate which are open in good weather, but are closed during a storm.

The most part of the country - the huge plain on which all is visible clearly, on many miles around. Holland all is speckled by channels, they as if divide fields into squares and creep, also, between houses. Channels are dug in order that flowed ground waters, and the soil was not too damp. Over all country it is possible to see mills here. Mills - not only beautiful architectural monuments, but, first of all, they serve here as pumps which extort from channels excess water so that water constantly is at one level.

Climate in Holland moderate. Here, as a rule, is not present in the summer of an awful heat, and there are no frosts in the winter. All winter mosquitoes and flies fly here, but in the spring they disappear and appear only in August again.

Thanks to strong humidity of the soil here all the year round a rastyotzeleny grass. And what is grown up by Dutches on the fields? No, did not guess, not marijuana. Dutches grow up vegetables and fruit, and, besides, and a set of flowers. It is unlikely somewhere in other country it is possible to see the fields of tulips stretching for many miles. Multi-colored strips of tulips - really great beauty opening to an eye from a window of the plane or the car. Tulips in Holland not only various color, but also forms. Dutches very much are proud of the invention, and export bulbs of tulips to many countries.

In Holland, besides, there is the largest zoo in Europe and the largest amusement park in Europe. Turns on this or that attraction can take several hours! Therefore for expecting different entertainments like screens of TVs are made.

And whether you heard sometime about Keukenkhoff? It is the well-known huge park of flowers. The park is open only three months in a year - somewhere since the end of March on the end of May. It is just fabulous beauty! Tourists from all over the world visit this park. But Dutches there few. It is strange that many Dutches, having lived life, so never and visited him. From Dutches, perhaps, there it is possible to meet only old men from Nursing homes which bring there on wheelchairs of the nurse or their relatives to enjoy beauty in the evening of life.

The park represents great variety of flowers. Here, on beds of different forms, numerous grades of multi-colored tulips, crocuses and other flowers which bright and juicy coloring beautifully combine with each other on tones grow. In the middle of park - an artificial pond on which water there are wooden circles on which it is possible to walk and at the same time at impressionable people heart fades with feeling of circulation on water.

Come to us to Holland!