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How it is correct to do compliments?

In our mad world people ceased to understand such concepts as Casanova or Don Juan for a long time. Now these names practically sank Into oblivion. The younger generation will hardly sometime use them in talk with peers and contemporaries.

A these people played a big role in formation of the special relations between men and women. The relations similar to the fire or a flood when reason nothing can be understood, and remain only emotions.

to the Simple inhabitant is difficult to repeat feats of these great people, but it is worth trying nevertheless.

Is several principles helping to capture attention not only women, but also men. Conform to these rules, and you will surely have success in individuals of an opposite sex.

(Flattery - beyond the law. It is felt, and then nothing will rescue you from anger of the raged girlfriend or indescribable grief of the friend. It is competent to pay a compliment and to achieve desirable reaction - here a true art!)

1. Contrary to established opinion, at all not advantage can be the cause for a compliment. Well, why for the 100-th time to repeat to the girl that she has a smart bust or buttocks? She and so knows it. If you told it about it, then be sure - to you she one thousand times heard it from other males. The same concerns also men. Find of appearance of the person faults better - that of which it, in your opinion, hesitates or it is simply dissatisfied (shortish legs, a small breast etc.) . Praise highly weak human places! Inlay human complexes with diamonds of your speeches! Nobody will be able to resist it.

2. Full sincerity. You have to speak so that the person had no doubts in your words. The burning look, the case is slightly inclined towards the interlocutor. Feel that you already fell in love with this person, and fell in love only from - for quality existence (external or internal) which you at this moment praise highly.

3. Never answer with banalities on Thanks for a compliment! . Better to say, for example, that you only establish the facts, and yours Thanks - it is only small compensation that it is allowed to you to contemplate such miracle. Sounds? Well of course! And it works!

4. In addition it is very important to remember that the person is, partly, an animal. And, therefore, all hidden feelings and reflexes at it too animals. Play on it! Use your knowledge base! Any weapon is used. Your smell, your voice, your manners (by the way, do not even think to wean from good manners, all this nonsense what is not fashionable to be polite and courteous any more) as you tell and in general all external signs saying that you are really interested in this person. The compliment is also one of ways of setting of acquaintance, and in most cases is a thing which has to be applied throughout all communication with the person.

5. Perish the thought, dear friends to use the templates read on the websites and in books of fashionable pikaper. Certainly, very good things are written there, but it is only templates, these are only examples of how it is possible to pay a compliment. Do not learn you these abstruse texts! It is visible to the person with few at once - malsky intuition. Use information of this sort for designated purpose! As template . And only.

The list can be continued, the flight of fancy of the reader - the beginning Casanova is not limited!!

of Good luck in a love field, ladies and gentlemen!