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How to prepare sweet " sausage;?

How many candies, cookies, chocolate are on sale now. On any, most exacting taste. And what cakes are exposed in show-windows, the fairy tale! But all the same, so the person is arranged, taste of the childhood will not be compared to anything.

I will not tell that there were no sweets earlier. Were! Both quality, and a variety, all this was. But! Each hostess respecting herself had the company recipe. It could be cake, home-made cookies, candies or sweet baked pudding which children looked forward especially as such delicacies, as a rule, prepared on big holidays. That is more tasty also zhelanny they were.

Me it is also now remembered how I, being absolutely small, waited for arrival of mother from work, on the eve of the birthday. And tremblingly watched what she bought? Saw how from a bag the cocoa pack - powder which I learned even if only the edge was seen gets, and with relief ran to the room, knowing that everything is all right and my most favourite delicacy is not forgotten! At everything while my mother was an excellent culinary specialist, and could bake any, even the most difficult cake, the most my dear dish was sweet " sausage;. Here I also decided to share with you it, come from the childhood, the recipe. I devote it to memory of the mother, the best mother on light.

To be more exact, recipes will be two as at us prepared two grades " sausages;. We called one boiled and another raw smoked by analogy with the real sausage. They indeed something reminded these grades.

Recipe 1: boiled

Products: toffees Pussycats - pussycats or similar to them - 1 kilogram, a pack of breadsticks, 3 - 5 tablespoons of cocoa, 50 grams of butter.

Toffees, previously having exempted from candy wrappers, we put in a deep pan which bottom we oiled and we melt, constantly stirring slowly that did not burn. We break breadsticks hands on small, 1 - 2 centimeter in length, pieces and we put in the turned-out weight. Properly we mix. The sheet of parchment or a foil we strew cocoa (about a half of our total) and we spread the turned-out weight, having given it the form of a sausage (that it was similar, it is possible to make rather thick, but if you want, thickness it is possible to think up any, as well as a form). We strew from above with the remained cocoa and we turn. Now it was necessary only to put ours " sausage; for 2 - 3 hours in the freezer and a dish it is ready.

Recipe 2: raw smoked

Products: Cocoa - powder - 1 pack (100 g), butter - 250 grams, the " cookies; Anniversary 1 pack, glass granulated sugar 1/2, nuts - a filbert or almond 200 - 300 grams.

We kindle butter in a pan and we add to it sugar and cocoa (all pack, having left 3 - 4 spoons for sprinkling). We scroll cookies via the meat grinder and we add to the turned-out chocolate. Carefully we mix before formation of homogeneous mass. (Naturally, cleared) we make small nuts, but not to a condition of a small crumb and so that pieces were rather large (I usually do it so: on a sheet of paper I spread nuts and, having covered with one more leaf, it is simple I am passed on them a rolling pin). We mix with the turned-out weight. Further, as well as in the first recipe, we form a sausage, doing it to thinner, of the size of long loaf of raw smoked sausage. And also for 2 - 3 hours we place in the freezer.

These " sausages; it is possible to cut as usual sausage. Or is, breaking off big pieces! As it is pleasant to whom. Bon appetit and returns to the childhood!