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How to pay compliments or the Compliment - a way to success of

Again we come back to a question of the movement to success and we will lift a subject which does not bring money literally, but is a factor, it is very serious on this movement by influencing. So, the simplest and, at the same time, one of the most difficult small affairs conducting to success is... compliment.

Compliments are such pieces which help to find contact with people and to establish with them good relations, so, they are important. And are also pleasant! Certainly, if it is the compliment paid skillfully to the place and the most important - is sincere.

In the developed countries where business ceased to become isolated on shuttle trips to Turkey and creation of roguish joint-stock companies, business communication long ago is philosophical discipline, with good impurity of psychology.

History knows examples of growth of welfare of huge corporations practically on one optimism and ability to communicate with people of founders of these corporations. The most cynical rich person will look at you, as at the brother lost in the childhood if you just manage to gain it properly.

And what our sympathy for the person begins with? As a rule, from the fact that he skillfully emphasized our certain advantage. Hereinafter we declare - ability to pay the compliment (but not roughly to flatter) touching the necessary, undercover strings of soul of the addressee to whom it is turned - an essence is a half of success.

Here several simple rules of this pleasant business: In - the first, the compliment has to be extremely concrete. You have to represent absolutely accurately what was pleasant to you in this person. A section of eyes, a hair color combination to a new suit, successfully imposed cosmetics or character. Otherwise ours psychological focus it will be quite transparent and will turn into that undesirable flattery.

For practice try to use the phrase because . It will help you to concretize your thoughts and, the main thing, to concentrate on the interlocutor more deeply. For example: Lisa, you the clever woman because always you are able to distribute the working hours so effectively .

Notice, the compliment stopped being groundless, and notorious Lisa zardetsya while just ascertaining of her mind would not make and half such impression. Doing such sincere compliment, you not only help the person to feel your respect, you (a surprise!) you understand why you respect him, and it helps you to feel sincerity of told. And it is very important. Insincerity is always noticeable and unpleasant.

In - the second, avoid to focus attention only on obvious. Pay attention to the hidden qualities. You so perfectly acted! It is surprising how you managed to open so more exhaustively in the five-minute report this subject! Our department struggles with it the third week .

Remember whether there was in your life a case when you felt especially flattered? For certain, it was when someone managed to notice in you some

the hidden talent.

Well, and at last. Spend week for doing compliments to everyone, for practice: to the secretary, waiter, janitor, confused colleague (to it too!) to clients, anyone. After week experience it is possible to try to make it and to the chief. And continuing to sow compliments, you on yourself will feel an illustration of the known principle The Good comes back a boomerang .