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Why crystal sings?

Heaven, as we know, are made of crystal. And music of heavenly spheres - crystal. If to run a wet finger over edge of a crystal glass, it is filled with a rumble which gradually accrues, fills all room, - the glass exactly and long sings.

I for the first time heard this sound when the vagrant direct-sales representative showed to persons interested wonderful properties of dyatkovsky crystal. By the way, it is an excellent way of advertizing, from buyers the release was not.

This focus is shown sometimes in circus. Execute several simple musical compositions, but, without stroking glasses, and striking them.

This tool is known long ago and long ago... it is forgotten. It is called glass harmonica . It was fashionable in England in the middle of 18 - go centuries. Benjamin Franklin laid a hand to his improvement. Yes, yes, that, from green pieces of paper. Played on it also the composer Gluck. For a glass harmonica Mozart, Berlioz, Rubenstein wrote the works.

Influence heavenly sounds on the person it is so big that long time this tool was even considered harmful. Here what was written about it is mute in those far times:

The Radio tool - a harmonica - is very rare. One of the main reasons of its rarity is almost general opinion, as if game on this tool damages health, too excites nerves, immerses in the gnawing deep grief, does gloomy, melancholic, and serves as an infallible remedy to development of a slow exhaustion .

The Persons who are ill nerves should not play before recovery a harmonica .

The one who is in sad mood or should not play at all, or has to choose the plays encouraging soul and recovering heart .

can Elicit sounds from anything. It is very easy to take a ring from glass. For example, from - under beer it is possible to build an excellent xylophone from bottles. It is only necessary to adjust it, changing water level in bottles. But nobody came to extraordinary nervousness from percussion on a bottle yet. Unless apropos, not connected with music. In what business?

And matter in quality of material. Slightest inclusion, svil and just inhomogeneity of material can nullify quality of sounding. In usual glass of such not uniformity as much as necessary. In crystal - immeasurably it is less. Simple glass cannot sing. Sings only crystal. If crystal does not caress hearing, so it burst, or it is not crystal at all.

Crystal - a special type of glass with lead addition. And lead gives to glass density, durability, weight, special sounding which appears at contact of firm objects with crystal. At dense uniform crystal acoustic losses are very low. Recently, however, the new lead-free glasses too possessing magnificent tone of sounding are developed.

Attempts to make musical instruments of crystal glass were made repeatedly and everywhere. Replacement of glasses by glass plates turned a harmonica into a xylophone. Adapted keys for it, and it turned into similarity of a grand piano. Tourists in Parporovo resort in Bulgaria can enjoy sounds of a similar grand piano. Most often music from crystal was taken by means of hand bells. Here on them to execute only full pieces of music very difficult. And how the toy - why is also not present?

Also wind instruments are not forgotten. There is a pipe made of a set of glass pipes. The glass flute belonging to Alexander is carefully stored in one of the museums of St. Petersburg. It is unknown only whether it played on it?

In Japan where love all unusual, the collection from 30 - ti glass musical instruments, perfectly and purely playing is collected. Among them - a xylophone, a harp, the Alpine horn...

Here the last novelty - in Japan is created a glass violin. It does not have analogs anywhere. In the eighties the violin was, however, made of a steklouglerod, but it not absolutely flew down. And the new violin is absolutely transparent, except for strings. Game at it does not differ from playing a usual violin.

And though it is glass, it is almost impossible to break it, it is made of special, strong glass, most likely, from a kind of crystal. One shortcoming: it is significantly heavier than a usual violin. It a miracle costs 50 thousand dollars, but, probably, it is worth it.