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How gold treasures are exorcized?

Any metal did not inflict so much evil on mankind how many brought gold. For the sake of it blood flew, from - for it the whole people were destroyed, for the sake of it terrible crimes came true. And it is not sophisticated that people who got gold in so awful way wanted to hide it far away. They earthed it, heated in water, immured in walls. But also it was not enough of it. People involved special security guards to reliability - mysterious and hidden. So there were exorcized treasures.

Since pagan times for the help called souls of animals or people. How called? Yes just killed them and dug in together with treasures. Or perhaps also did not kill, and just dug in. Live. Also read the paternoster urging deceased to store treasures over a mogilka. Also the evil spirit, any there demons, wood goblins, Mary and fornications guarded gold. And in some regions of Ukraine, Belarus and Poland believed that all treasures have one main owner - Didko, and he should ask to be given treasures. And if sometimes at night you see strange spolokh - Didko specifies it where the treasure is hidden.

The fencing, the lock and a key were the main components of plots. Either verbal, or the most real. They were often found indeed in treasures. Also the weapon met: knives, swords or just something sharp, for example, braids. And for bigger reliability the treasure was surrounded with a fencing from bones from all directions. After that the treasure became not taken at all.

Often a treasure as if the contribution in bank, was exorcized to a certain term, and could on one or several death. To reach such treasure, it was necessary to finish off the specified number of the victims.

And appeared loud treasures about which all know, but cannot seize them. For example, the treasure hidden at capture of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible. All know what in the center of Kazan, in Kaban Lake is drowned by nearly one hundred and fifty chests and barrels with gold. Once was almost succeeded to lift something massive from a lake bottom. It was not a chest, not the barrel which acquired slippery seaweed. Still slightly - slightly but the desired chest slid off in water. Here what protection was provided by hansky magicians! Psychics say that all of them still feel ancient aura over the lake.

But when at a treasure the term or a condition of pledge comes to an end, he is given in hands. Sometimes treasures, especially recent, hide without pledge at all. They find the owner too, but if the new owner is not necessary to a treasure on temper, it will be bad to it, the treasure will drive him mad. But to people not mercenary, ready to share with neighbors, treasures come especially easily, without unpleasant consequences.

The captivated treasures lead the secret life. They shine the blue wandering sparks at night, groan and cry, appear, disappear, entice in embraces of evil spirit. And that who it is disrespectful or with mistrust treated a treasure, it could be given for a while in hands, and then disappear, or turn into something bad. In crocks, in a manure heap, and even in a ball of snakes. Treasures laugh at people.

If the treasure is exorcized, it is necessary to know a secret otgovor or to have at itself such mighty means as color of a fern, a gap - a grass or, as a last resort, the clay extracted at midnight from a grave of an udavlennik. I - that know otgovor but I can tell it only to regular readers Schools of Life differently he will not have the power.

I with pleasure would use this verified recipe, but, unfortunately, the paternoster is imposed on me too. I cannot leave from journalism, I cannot cease to write, and so I, of course, would throw everything and would move off in searches of gold and adventures.