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Whether it is possible to picture under water?

Heightened sense of fine helped French to turn diving, sport of singles, into a grass-roots movement. Having opened for itself beauty of underwater depths, Jacques - Yves Cousteau and his companions could not give the admiration to other people adequately in any way. To them not that did not trust, just could not experience.

Here it is pertinent to give an example of a similar case. The archeologist who found Nefertiti`s bust sent it to native institute, having accompanied with a note: To Describe it is useless. You look . And here.

The fact that Cousteau since the childhood was fond of filming helped out them. And friends decided to shoot film under water. The first movies were, frankly speaking, amateur, but also they caused a tremendous success. Over the years experience came. In 1954 - m to year Cousteau`s ship Calypso headed for the Red Sea. Shooting " began; World of silence .

An exit to the screen next year led it to unknown explosion of emotions. Public, costing, with an ovation on kind half an hour, noted a premiere of the film. Then awards followed. Golden Palm in Cannes, Oscar in America. Following movie, History of red fish it is noted so prestigiously.

Awards poured one by one. But it is necessary to tell that it were awards not only to creators of movies for their contribution to motion picture art, but also awards to the underwater world which beauty was seen at last by people. The general interest in diving began.

A fine opportunity to express themselves was quickly estimated not only by cinema-men, but also photographers, artists, sculptors. There was a mass of specific and feature films against illusive blue open spaces. Books and magazines dappled with color photos. There was an imperative need to gather and share with each other the creative opening. There were festivals of underwater images.

The first such festival was organized in 1974 - m to year by club of scuba diving Spondile Club and since then it will be out every year. Over the years it became much more representative and if earlier on it only amateur movies and photos were shown, then all types of the fine arts are widely presented now, up to advertizing clips. And not only images. Music on sea subjects became a subject of competitions even.

Many countries began to hold and, national, festivals, but this, carried out to Antibe, ahead of the planet only. Daniel Mercier heads it. This is the old old salt who made thousands of immersions and personified all lines of the true Frenchman: cheerful, active, enterprising, in love with life, women and sea.

Appearance of the artists and sculptors creating directly under water became the interesting phenomenon in art. One of such artists - Andre Laban. It, by the way, not only the Frenchman, but also the Ukrainian, his ancestors got to France from Lviv. Recently he came to Ukraine, drew underwater Black Sea landscapes. This is the person in love with the sea too. Having got incidentally to Cousteau as he thought, for a week it remained in its team for the rest of life.

Pictures for it is not business, and means to express itself. He writes not with a brush, but a palette knife, generously imposing paint on the cloth covered with indelible soil. Underwater pictures should be painted very quickly while there is enough air in an aqualung. The main thing - to tell mood of the sea, its color. In the artist`s asset more than 500 pictures.