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What for an animal - a killer whale?


are always visible from a distance. Black one-and-a-half-meter back fin, braid something it is similar to a small sail. The black brilliant back and a snow-white stomach are separated from each other by a clear boundary. They are provocatively beautiful. Probably, because they should not be afraid of anybody. They have no rivals. These are the most ruthless sea murderers. These are killer whales.

Ancient Romans called killer whales orks - demons. The nickname formed the basis of a Latin scientific name - Orcinus Orca . And still they are called old salts and murderers of whales, killer whale . From this it is visible that killer whales arouse fear in people, people are afraid of them, and it is absolutely vain. Such relation is prejudiced, is not recorded any case of unprovoked attack of killer whales on people. Even if the casual person incidentally gets to the pool with a killer whale. We know about them very little. What they, killer whales?

Kosatki is not fishes. These are marine animals, the largest of dolphins. Their magnificent streamline bodies reach ten-meter length. However, only males, females have slightly less - no more than eight meters. Distinguish from other dolphins of killer whales not only the sizes, but also their main ornament - a huge back fin. Acting over a water surface on one and a half, and even on two meters, it looks as the braid dissecting ocean waves. Also received the Russian name for this fin of a killer whale.

They are perfectly armed. They have less teeth, than at sharks, and it is even less, than at land animals, but what it is teeth! Up to fifteen centimeters long! Zubishch thick and strong, are given from gums a little. Seldom located, at a smykaniye to graze teeth of the top jaw get precisely to an interval between teeth of lower. It allows to tear production to parts better.

Kosatki - magnificent swimmers. The word of honor, they are champions among marine animals (fishes are not counted). Special measurements showed that killer whales can gather speed to 55,5 kilometers per hour. They well dive and long remain under water, coming up no more than for five minutes on a surface to make ten short breaths.

Their ancestral lands - practically all World Ocean. Kosatok it is possible to meet and it is far in the high sea, and at coast. Sometimes they come into bays and climb the rivers. Visit also the Mediterranean Sea, here only at coast of the Black Sea do not appear. There is nothing to eat unless health-resort visitors. But, you never can tell, maybe, will glance and there, wait.

Kosatki - animals with the developed social structure. A basis of their society - a family. And in the head of the family reigns... no, not a male, but female. Suite of the queen - her heterosexual posterity. Families are small, but several families which are in the remote relationship enter into one pack number to fifty individuals.

As well as all dolphins, killer whales actively exchange sound signals. At each family special dialect on which killer whales communicate with each other and which is unclear to other families, but there are also signals, general for any pack. Thanks to them killer whales communicate when several families unite in superpack for joint hunting or weddings. It is remarkable that except people only dolphins whom also killer whales treat are able to think out new words and to descend them.

Language of killer whales is very different. It is possible to count over forty main signals which combination allows to understand each other well. The timbre of their voice is similar to human. The water environment carries better out sounds, than air therefore communication of killer whales sometimes happens at distance of several miles from each other. And still killer whales love music.

As well as dolphins, killer whales use sound and ultrasonic signals for a hydrolocation, skillfully determining the size of objects, their speed and distance to them.

Kosatki gentle and careful parents. At the end of summer or in an early autumn they conceive children, and bear them 16 - 17 months. Kids are born length to two and a half meters, and in a year grow by meter. Before releasing kids in free floating, they are brought up and trained during two - three years. But also then they, as a rule, do not leave a family.

Killer whales live as much how many and people. The age of kosatkiny grandmothers reaches ninety years, grandfathers live less, to sixty.