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How to prepare a cappuccino?

If you think that the cappuccino is that drink which is done, filling in with boiled water contents of a beautiful bag, and give you in a market booth in a plastic glass, you strongly are mistaken. From the real cappuccino this drink differs the same as a fresh green leaf from the green note.

of Cappuccino (ital.) - coffee with milk. But not just with milk, and with the milk which is shaken up in hot dense foam. It does a cappuccino more valuable, for example, at a hangover, than just coffee.

They say that word cappuccino came from the word Capuchin . I can challenge: I think, both words came from the same root. Not to count how many words are obliged to the Latin word kaput - the head: Capitol, capital, captain, capital, capitulation, capillary, cabbage From here and names of the fact that put on the head: hood, kepi, hood, Russian cap and Ukrainian kapelyukh. Here also it turns out: the Capuchin - the monk with a hood, a cappuccino - coffee with a hat.

And still Capuchins have a direct bearing on its creation. Coffee of a cappuccino was born in solar Italy. It was invented by monks - Capuchins of one of monasteries to the north of Rome. The way to shake up milk hot steam thought up at the end of the 19th century of the padre Carlo (Padre Carlo - the famous monk - the inventor, became famous for the invention of one of ways of processing of wood called in further pino - cio). Some familiar analogies blew softly The father Carlo, Pinocchio, Buratino drinking a cappuccino of

How to find a cup of this drink? The easiest way - to descend in good cafe or restaurant where do a cappuccino. Alas, not everywhere, where it is done, it will correspond to our taste - how many people, are so much also tastes. And to go since morning to restaurant somehow not in our traditions.

And therefore, especially for gourmets, a way second - to prepare it. Or to entrust this business to the nice girlfriend.

Ways of preparation of the drink loved by us there is an uncountable set. And in all cases for receiving the real cappuccino at first it is necessary to make coffee. Do it differently, besides, progress created for this purpose special coffee makers of espresso.

This brilliant smart invention in which coffee is not cooked, as a matter of fact, and pass through it under a vapor pressure hot water which washes away all valuable components from ground coffee and accurately delivers them in a cup. And for receiving a dairy skin coffee makers of espresso have a special steam discharge tube with a nozzle.

To learn to cook coffee it is possible in one day, but to reach skill in this art, it is necessary to study long and to experiment constantly. Masters in art of preparation of coffee of espresso and a cappuccino are called to the barista (do not confuse to the bartender). It is very prestigious profession in the homeland of a cappuccino - in Italy. The barista - it sounds is proud. Preparation of coffee at them - the whole representation. The professional barista, without departing from the coffee maker, will prepare for you three tens grades of coffee, and itself is capable to distinguish three thousand shades of coffee aroma and taste.

If you did not manage to buy yet the coffee maker, at your service a way third - to make coffee as you usually cook, and to decorate it with a cap from the milk or cream which are shaken up by a usual venichok or the mixer. This way extraordinary troublesome and labor-consuming.

Therefore for those who hurry there is a way number four: to open a bag of a soluble cappuccino, to pour out it in a cup and to fill in with hot water. Here only serious people do not drink a soluble cappuccino. It is frivolous.