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How to look more senior than the years?


Bad advice will be especially actual for girls 25 years are more senior.

1. Try to eat more chips, hamburgers and other fast - foot, and also smoked products, solenost and fat contents - without restriction.

2. Never use means on care of skin, hair and nails! You do not put the moisturizing cream on a face at all, and it is worth washing, only if dirt already began to fall off, but for some reason not completely, and in parts.

3. Surely use decorative cosmetics, in particular, lipstick, shadows, foundation and ink, well and all the rest do not forget too. In the evening the make-up should not be washed away - and you go to bed, already next morning the effect will be tremendous.

4. Sunbathe as much as possible, it is desirable during the period from 11 to 15 o`clock, certainly, without sun-protection means. After a while your skin will display desirable age.

5. Have as much as possible casual communications, try not to continue the relations with one partner more than one month.

6. You do not make at all friends and if they are, then try to make everything that to get rid of them: to betray them; satisfying requests, to do so that did not ask etc. any more. Life in social vacuum will surely exert impact on your appearance.

7. In free time (and it has to be as much as possible) be not engaged as at all - nibud in intense cogitative activity, somehow: study, reading books, written expression of the thoughts, etc. As soon as you cease to strain the brain, the organism will quicker grow old, so, to look you will be more senior and are more senior.

8. Never play sports. Do not give in on any arrangements to descend in fitness - club or it is even simple to ride a bike. And if all - did not sustain, then play sports professionally, only sport and anything else, professional athletes have 30 years - a retirement age (however if to you already more than 25 - ti then to begin rather late).

9. You smoke as much as possible, drink, do drugs, drink coffee and aerated water.

Side effects of this method, of course, are present, but in our case the main thing - result.