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How to behave at the fire?

Annually in Russia during the fires perish on average 20000 people. Sad statistics if to consider that these death come in the majority from a carelessness, panic and ignorance of elementary rules of conduct at ignition. Fire - the phenomenon necessary and useful, but it is necessary to be able to keep a tight rein on him.

Before considering behavior at the fire, it is extremely important to remember several points concerning features of ignitions.

1. Never panic, it will not help you but only will lead to tragic consequences. Always is superfluous ten seconds to stop and think.

2. First of all you call in service of rescue - for you nobody can simply make it. Track that somebody met a fire-fighting crew and helped it to reach the place quicker.

3. to grow and amplify, to fire needs oxygen, it is desirable in the form of wind - do not leave drafts, close doors and windows. Do not repeat thoughtless mistakes of many people: it is not necessary to extinguish small ignition by a zaduvaniye - the flame can grow several times.

4. Most of people is killed not in fire, and having choked a charcoal smoke. At the fire at once prepare the wetted rag (many people saved to themselves life the fact that used own urine), through which, perhaps, it is necessary to breathe. In the zadymlyonny room move as low as possible to a floor - the smoke always aspires upward.

5. do not Even think to extinguish the switched-on electric devices water - it is necessary to throw with a cover or a heavy curtain the ignited equipment or to use the special fire extinguisher. If the TV burns, water can be filled in from a back wall where there are openings, but keep sideways - the kinescope can blow up.

6. do not jump from the top floors, it is not necessary to go down on ropes, sheets, drainpipes. It is better to wait for 15 minutes of the help, than to jump from the eighth floor, cherishing thought of a survival. Certainly, when will in due time offer you a fire awning - do not think of fear of height.

7. If you have an opportunity to help other people - realize it in any ways, it is better to save several others lives, than own property.

The fire in the apartment. If ignition small and still harmless - needs to try to eliminate it. For this purpose or fill in fire with water, or cover it with a dense cover to block intake of air. If nevertheless to extinguish already late - be evacuated on the street, having taken with themselves the passport and other, vital documents (if it does not pose threat for life), and surely call fire protection. Before leaving the apartment, close all doors and windows, otherwise the flame will extend in proportion to power of draft. When the way is blocked by fire, come to a balcony and try to escape through a fire-escape or eaves of the next balcony, or quietly wait for the help, trying to draw more attention.

The fire outside the apartment. So, ignition happened out of your possession: first of all besides close windows, switch off all electric devices from sockets and, having taken documents, you go to the safe place (do not forget to call firefighters). At evacuation it is impossible to use the elevator at all - it is punished by painful premature death. If ladder flights extremely strongly smoke-filled or are even destroyed, then return to the apartment, be locked, and in the doorway stop up cracks with wet rags (if all of you appeared in smoke, bend down to the earth, close eyes, hold the breath and move to an exit, holding walls). In such situation wait for arrival of fire crew (on the city it averages of 3do 10 minutes). In a case when fire approached closely, escape through a balcony.

In special establishments (schools, production, hospitals, office buildings etc.) the special action plan at the fire when the personnel divide responsibility for these or those spheres (evacuation of people, rescue of documents, a meeting of firefighters, the first measures for suppression) is developed. In such places surely there have to be disturbing buttons and plans of evacuation.

When the person burns. do not allow it to run At all - the flame will only amplify. It is necessary to knock down at once the victim on the earth, without excluding power methods (it is the best of all in a snowdrift or a pool), to try to throw off quickly burning clothes, and it is better to throw with any dense fabric, surely having left the head opened (that the person did not choke). It is impossible to take off clothes from the burned parts of a body, especially synthetics - tell the victim to hands of doctors.

Well, that`s all. Everyone has to know these elementary rules, but, I hope, they will be useful to nobody. Follow fire safety regulations and take care. Good luck!