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How to leave off smoking, without getting into a taiga?

What misfortune such! The grass which is dried up and wrapped in a piece of paper is set fire and sucked like a pacifier! The remains called by stubs are scattered on all visibility range. Whether adds solidity and significance smoking to their owners?

I Doubt. And here problems, and everything, and smoking and non-smoking, - as much as necessary.

Watching many years people around kuryakam I can safely draw a conclusion - quantity of the smoked cigarettes in inverse proportion to confidence and own dignity of the devourer of a tobacco smoke. Did not convince? I will not tell to you any more what to smoke - it is disgusting, bad and awfully harmful, and I will better try to disaccustom.

I have one acquaintance, Mikhail Stolbov, he smoked many years and derived the mass of pleasure from this process. Was honored to come into a taiga, however, against the will. He never thought even of leaving off smoking. It is clear, that in a taiga simply could not be smoked, and he was simply forced to leave off smoking. As it appeared, it was not so difficult to make it. Try also you. Very much I ask, on behalf of all not - smokers.

And you will leave off smoking in one week. As it was made by that my acquaintance. Now sit down and tell. Aloud.

In a week I will leave off smoking!!!

are not silent! Say it aloud!

All! Intention is started! And it is 90% of success.

Now ponder how many cigarettes (packs?!!) you smoke in day. Increase this quantity by three. Go to a stall and buy ALL necessary quantity AT ONCE. It is important. You will not buy a cigarette neither on the block, nor on a pack, nor on one piece any more. Therefore - ALL portion for a week at once

So, day the first. You enjoy smoking. You did not forget that you are in the wood?!! Or in the village. That is, there are no habitual workers and semeyno - household stresses. Therefore you smoke not when at you fingers nervously shiver and there is a wish to use foul language but only when THERE is A WISH to smoke. You with pleasure involve in yourself a smoke. You fill with it a mouth, lungs, you hold the breath, with pleasure you let out a smoke through nostrils or through a mouth as is more habitual to you. Every time, beginning to smoke a cigarette, you remember all good moments which at you are connected with smoking of

Really is, honestly?

Already whole day You have to smoke the standard standard daily rate. You did not understand yet? You speak to the " cigarette; thanks for everything also you say goodbye to it

Day of the second. The pleasure came to an end. Labor everyday life began. Prepare the standard norm of cigarettes per day. You still smoke when it wants to you. But posteach inhaling you should do some exercise:

1. Dragged on. Exhaled all smoke.

2. Inhaled clean air.

3. Slowly exhaled from themselves ALL air. Feel how lungs stuck together inside. At the end of an exhalation still line rest diaphragm. You have nothing to breathe. But you do not hurry to inhale. You suffer without air as far as there will be enough forces. Only do not faint. You cannot any more?

4. Make 5 very fast and short breaths - exhalations.

5. Inhale and exhale a full breast

6. You can do the following inhaling. Dragged on? We come back to point to the first

After you smoked all cigarette, SURELY go and drink a glass of water. Better than cleared. As a last resort - tea. In case you smoke each 10 minutes - drink on a half of a glass. In day you have to drink two - three liters of water.

Here in such hard way you should smoke the whole day. Difficult? But in number of cigarettes nobody limits to


Day the third. Prepare the standard norm per day. You smoke when there is a desire. Do not forget, after a cigarette it is obligatory to drink water! Smoked the first cigarette. Through some time there was a desire to smoke again? Get the second cigarette. Say goodbye to it. Pull down it in half (it obligatory) and throw out! Now immediately do exercise three times in a row. Only at the same time increase quantity of short and fast breaths to ten. At you the following will turn out: a deep breath - an exhalation, a deep breath, a full exhalation with padding of a diaphragm, 10 short breaths - exhalations, a deep breath - an exhalation and again around. And so three times. After exercise drink a half-glass of water.

You can smoke the following cigarette. But - without forgetting about exercise. Thus, you THROW OUT every second cigarette and replace it with breath. Today you smoked a half of standard daily rate.

Day the fourth. You do everything as well as in the third day. Only you pass not every second cigarette, but two of three. You smoke once, two times you breathe. After a cigarette - a full glass of water. After breath - a half. Usually, at those who leave off smoking for the third day the head begins to be turned. And at you on the contrary - it is turned already less. So?

Day the fifth. Everything becomes zaputanny and zaputanny. When there is a desire to smoke, you get a cigarette from a pack, but today you smoke one cigarette, break three and throw out, put one aside. Do not put the postponed cigarettes back in a pack. Pour them in some vase or on a tray. Principle of smoking the same: during smoking - exercise. Instead of smoking - exercise. After smoking - you drink. After exercises - you drink.

Day of the sixth. Today you finish smoking those cigarettes that was put aside yesterday. You see, lie a small group?

are the remains. You smoke no more than one cigarette each two hours. All rest of the time if there is a wish to smoke - you breathe. If there is no wish - you listen to music and you smile. Before going to bed if suddenly you had cigarettes, pull down them and throw out. In total. Except one.

Day of the seventh. You smoke the last cigarette. Your organism already remembered some tastes and smells about which it forgot for years of smoking. Therefore, it is quite possible that you do not derive pleasure from smoking. All other day each hour you do a breathing exercise. Also you drink. Water, certainly.

All next days as soon as there is a desire to light - you breathe. My acquaintance, when was nevterpezh, and was nothing to smoke, otkolupyvat and chewed pitch from cedars, but it can be found only in Siberia therefore chew something else

If you managed to hold on without smoking three weeks, so you are able to operate independently a body weight, to treat yourself for head and gastric pain and God grant to you health.