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You know how to overcome a depression?

Many of us faced concept a depression in dense, and many, even without suspecting that, endured it and worry at present. The most interesting, in my opinion, is that it is not an illness, but such state of mind, and souls. To say what is a depression I think is not necessary, it will be much better to tell as it proceeds, than is caused, and the most important than as to fight against it.

The depression is oppressed and the dejectedness of human soul caused not owing to influence on the person of weather conditions or a season, in most cases, and the person. In other words, the person himself immerses himself in a condition of an otrichennost, eternal fatigue and gloom. The person, at least, endures states which we call a depression, 7 times in life, each of which, coincides on age crisis moments of life. Each of these moments bears a name of age of which it is the share, for example crisis of 4 years, 12.... All these moments are key in formation of human character. Thus it is possible to make the conclusion that it is integral part of our life. The most characteristic to it the proof, is that at the crisis moments our character changes and as I think exactly thanks to a depression. The main symptom of such state, not satisfaction with the performed work, whether it be game in 12 years, or the machine in 45 is. All this stops bringing to the person pleasure, and he thinks of change of the activity and if at early age such changes are very fruitful, then than senior age, consequences can be that more tragically. Other symptom of a depression is pain or absence of pleasure from food. The person suffering from a depression very often complains of a drowsiness, head, joints pain. But actually, his soul hurts. If the food ceases to please, then to blame loss of tastes, here too it is impossible. Because you just do not want to feel them, voluntarily. All this comes from a lack of our organism, namely of a brain, happiness hormone which in science is called serataniny. It is hormone it is allocated owing to physical activity for an organism, in most cases, but there are also exceptions. To take on an example of athletes, people who are engaged in bodybuilding very seldom have a depression because they spend much time in the movement which is followed by strong loads of an organism and the correct breath owing to what, you is rare when will see at least one sad face in the gym. In spite of the fact that they are physically developed, they are almost not tired, and feel rather pleasant istoma, by words all of famous Arnold Shvartseneger (dock. movie Pumping " Iron;) . All athletes carry out the trainings if not with a smile upon the face, then, precisely, with a smile in soul.

The depression can proceed many months, and happens so, as years. The human body cannot fight against it because it not a disease, and rather such mood. The most interesting is antidepressants here. Chemical preparations which will help you will cope with yours disease . Actually, it anything else, as auto-suggestion. Everything is very simple, we will allow at the time of various diseases, with the help honey of preparations, we give to our organism what it needs. It can be vitamins, or other substances on the example of iron, calcium... But during a depression, in your organism there are no sharp needs in honey preparations as during an allergy or oncological diseases. And the most important is that the person himself precisely knows that it is necessary to it to get rid of a condition of a depression, it not for a second is not left by its own medicine, the fact that it would bring it pleasure and joy in life. Very much often such medicine is other person, to tell more precisely, this strange and mysterious feeling with which our heart fights more often a breast is filled with heat, and on a face there is the most natural, and not invented smile. It is possible to tell with confidence that the love and is cure for bad mood for each of us if of course the depression is not caused by it. The simplest depression medicine, according to scientists, this wakefulness for 40 hours. But there are several obligatory rules - it is impossible even to doze, it is impossible to spend time behind the TV or the computer. In a word you will not get rid passively of a depression, it is necessary to move, be engaged in walking or run, excursions and trips are just what helps most often. But even such way will not help 100% suffering. Everything depends on the person. Alcohol will not bring you any help, you for a while will just forget about the problems, but then all the same remember them, and at frequent repetition of such self-treatment receive in addition also alcoholism. Personally for me long time is one of exits of a depression a skateboarding, but I do not advise you to do the same, as I. The main thing listen to the heart, it that precisely knows what wants. And for those who all - is not able to get rid of a depression can use a shokoterapiya. It is honey intervention during which on your organism there will pass electric impulses which will cause reductions in your muscles, forcing them to work, and an organism - to emit happiness hormone.

But it is possible simply and to think of the fact that soon spring and

When you at times miss,

I something disturbs you, You remember

that in the world there is heart,

Who loves you!