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Why Christmas light holiday?

Christmas My God, as well - that! As easily and vozdushno for some reason at heart and on heart as if a millstone - the heavy, acquired a moss, century stone which I dragged on myself, on the neck all the time, and to which I managed to get used for a long time, as almost ceased to notice it, and began to believe that and it is necessary - where, without it, - this block of eternal granite of low-content, small envy, condemnation, not forgiveness and an ingratitude, suddenly took and fell off me, flew away away and even did not crush legs, having opened cowed my soul and, having given a breast to sigh delightfully and deeply, and to heart is joyful to be killed, having reminded that it still is, made dizzy me to dizziness, from top to toe, with aromas of love, forgiveness and gratitude!

The world, my small world, gray, familiar to a sour soreness of the mouth, with which I not always coped and often just floated where bore a current which so irritated me with the boring dullness and trite prosaicness, it was suddenly presented to me in absolutely other light, it is rather even in a bright luminescence, but not from festive neon spotlights and an anticipation of the plentiful Christmas table filled with desired delicacies and drinks, and in a luminescence strange, unfamiliar hitherto, in shine full of triumph which went from where - that from within, drenching with a warm wave of a joyful pacification, sincere and corporal harmony and rest, doing everything such beautiful around.

Faces of the people who were pouring out on streets were strange pleasant and friendly. When my look happened upon a look of the unfamiliar passerby hurrying by, I did not hurry to look away, with imaginary attention examining something absolutely uninteresting on that side of the road. At me by itself it turned out to look openly and friendly as if we were the best acquaintances, at least years hundred, directly in a face to the stranger, - I smiled to it, and it me. Whether well we are fools?

Girls and young women suddenly ceased to be divided into categories of beauties and nice, interesting and plain women. Oddly I suddenly felt to each of them some brotherly association, rare feeling of a unification, terrestrial relationship which can be only between people similar and equally feeling.

Even the tipsy little men who hurried to celebrate Christmas of our Lord gradually rocking at stops and in gates to a light air in a step, instead of habitual condemnation raised at me kind and slightly sad smile. To the one who was enough a lishka and as driven stood, having embraced a cold column, there was a wish to approach and help to reach the house, but the initiative was intercepted by another, same cheerful the person, and they together, chattering with animation, slowly started wandering home.

At the elderly woman the scarf fell to the ground, and I instead of habitually running by on the urgent matters, and then in heat, home, began to bustle it towards to lift it, having given in it is unknown from where to the undertaken feeling of love for the neighbor.

In shop with all there was a wish to be polite, and not just ironically derisive, and kind and slow to make also for others room and time to make purchases and to pay for them - I will wait, pass, it is more necessary to you .

Outside wind did not seem penetrating, and I joyfully set up it the person, and from the weak coming sun heat became pleasant. Croak of city crows caressed hearing, the smoking cars did not disturb any more, on gas-polluted streets suddenly began to smell in the spring.

I tried to keep longer this rare feeling of happiness and pleasure of life, mentally thanks to Misters for granted to me, to the great sinner, grace, knowing that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, under freight of the human nesovershennost and lots of imaginary problems, I very quickly and imperceptibly will lose it - God forbid forever. I knew well that happiness, the world and harmony in us, in our heart, but not outside, depending on illusory external factors. Everything is so simple - make a good deed and it will become easier than you, smile to the world, people, and they will surely smile to you in reply - start up it it happens not immediately, not at once, and then, later, but will occur surely, will occur by all means. Such is the eternal and immutable law of the nature. Simply, as clear as a day.