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Why our country does not need small business?

lead Forming of a power vertical in our country to gradual suffocation of small business. Medium and large business learned to find a common language with the power, often they are so mixed, as will not understand: where official, and where businessman.

Small business is millions of free and enterprising people. Free - means uncontrollable the state.

In the national economy sitting the last years on an oil needle, the first violin is played only by large corporations. They took the main sectors of the market. Try to find small enterprise in oil or metallurgical industry. Now with arrival of large distribution networks trade tents and small little shops are ruined. Agriculture is constantly integrated and soon the word farmer in dictionaries it will be marked with a badge (ustar.) .

Construction and forest business - goes active replacement of small players. Tell how the small firm can survive if the investor with hundreds of millions of euros comes to the area, buys up all raw materials, takes away to itself the best shots. About what competition can there be a speech. An elephant and a great number of the pugs capable only to bark and squeal a little.

Small business ruins also that constantly becoming stronger state begins to monitor exact implementation of the laws. As it is known Russia always lived according to Saltykov-Shchedrin who said that severity of the Russian laws is compensated, thank God, by their non-execution .

Now began to execute. The power felt force. If at Yeltsin small business developed in many respects thanks to the mess reigning in the country, then at Putin it begins to be bent thanks to the established order.

For anybody not a secret that if the enterprises begin to pay the taxes put in full, the vast majority of businessmen will go bankrupt and millions of people will immediately take off on the street.

The power at the level of an instinct understood earlier it and did not touch especially small business. All lived in conditions of the armed neutrality. Now the power went on the warpath. Numerous resolutions on closing of the markets and malls are accepted. And with shout about not civilization of trade! Happen in Evropakh and see numerous bazarchik directly in the Helsinki center, Barcelona or Paris.

The power in general considers the small industrial enterprises become obsolete. Like, only at large factories and plants it is possible to turn out modern products.

How then to be, for example, with Norway, one of the richest countries of Europe in which there is a set small (5 - 20 people) the firms building modern houses?

Speak to small business: your destiny - services industry. They say that in all civilized world so. Lie? And how. A question - what for?

and, especially, in the United States of America in small business is involved In Europe the most part of the population. It is the base of their economy.

In our country, is visible, decided that they will build only walls and a roof. The architects who are taught less.

A conclusion from all this such - Russia does not need free and enterprising people. Numerous small screws in the mechanism state - the corporate car are necessary. Once all this already was. You do not remember when?