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How to kill time in hospital? Option 2

Question How to kill time in hospital? it is very actual for me and I am grateful to Theodor Moroz for the fact that he lifted this subject. Allow to share personal experience as the last several years I only also do that that I creep from hospital in hospital.

Neighbors. the Main thing - at once to take a topic of conversation in hand. When I for the first time was hospitalized, I hear, my neighbors in reanimation discuss what city hospital is better. Then conversation smoothly passed to discussion of the best cemetery. Here I did not sustain and I speak: children, give better I will tell a joke about girls to you.

Never, you hear, never allow neighbors to discuss diseases, death and in general to turn sour. It is infectious. Though the black humour in moderate doses is admissible.

As for games - very much it is even quite good to play sea battle, words and other games on paper, and here races on beds in reanimation are fraught.

Books, crossword puzzles. Going to hospital, I always take with myself pencils with eraser, a sharpener and a heap of crossword puzzles. And also a notebook in a cage. Suddenly I will want to compose a crossword puzzle. Lying under a dropper to solve a crossword puzzle very inconveniently. Help out books of a small format which are easy to holding with one hand.

Books should be taken the easiest on a genre - detektivchik, female novels, and all with the happy end. But yet never I saw in hospital that someone read the encyclopedia.

Window. Fine object for elimination of boredom. It is especially interesting to watch animals. They, as a rule, do not hurry anywhere not that people. Well how here not to remember classical:

The crow Flies. I watch it

I I note in memory: crow .

Doctors and nurses. Fine object for simple jokes. For example, on a question of the doctor as health answer: Opening will show . Nurses can make a declaration of love at each visit, and at approach of the nurse with the syringe loudly to speak Oh! . In response to her mute question to report that thought that you were already pricked. The most important that jokes were pleasant most.

Train. the Most important element of training - an independent campaign in a toilet. While you creep - everything normally. But you remember dangers of a toilet.

Compose. the Most fruitful occupation. It is remembered, at Gogol read something like that, composed in hospital.

Player, mobile phone, laptop, PDA. Well, here everything is clear, except a PDA. Whether pocket computer, whether Communist party of China. Do not forget to capture chargers for your equipment.

One more council for those who have a dictophone. Talking to the doctor, imperceptibly include his (dictophone). Then you will be able to use more precisely his (doctor) recommendations.

What else it is possible to add? Limit visits of friends, relatives and, especially, fellow workers. Let to you someone go one, the closest. It is very burdensome to try to catch someone`s sympathizing eyes, and especially views of those who sigh and think about themselves when the devil takes

I then where to put the brought mountains of oranges, apples, bananas and other vitamins? Most already obrydlo, neighbors in chamber have same problems, medical sisters - and those do not want, they have enough.

But the most important council - try to be healthy. Then it is not necessary to miss!