Rus Articles Journal

What will the destiny send, more precisely, the Internet?

the world internet,

What there open spaces and latitudes,

A how many communications it is possible to obtain Is extensive! to Find

love - quicker, than work.

To the marvelous website you were brought by a track, with

Will fill in the short questionnaire there - expect

I that the destiny

Or, more precisely, the jungle of the Internet will send.

- Tell who you are? Girl, hi!

In the letter at you tempting speeches.

to me to be with you tet`a`tet,

A the rest - I will tell at a meeting.

- And I not against. Bothered to take from all directions -

to me this Web - the page. to you I give to

Ya the mobile phone,

I on it we can phone...

- Hallo, madam, on the street everything thaws,

smells in the Spring, is which - that.

But the hell and how I recognize you

From the of a gray coat?

- Me absolutely, - reaches from a tube, - it is not difficult for

to Learn even from a back: I Will be dressed by

in a black

I fur coat in a white scarf of huge length.

And here close her face and a profile,

I the twilight over a little table hung.

In hands at us on a full cup of coffee,

I everyone studies the surprise.

I am fascinated and is glad to acquaintance,

I is ready to speak about anything.

Yes - I am theoretically married,

A you are theoretically free.

I with all the heart dream about not sung,

In work - an animal and god to the current of day,

A in the evenings I become the poet

I I fight that listened to me.

At you from life too the roof goes.

our violent century rushes quicker and quicker.

A meanwhile - affairs of love, the milady,

As at court of the French kings.

You are a lady from a circle clear to me.

U you on everything the answer is available.

A is waited a stone`s throw away by the faithful companion

to Learn that you will be presented by the Internet...

The ball is ended, intim began to decline,

a hint Around for cloudy days.

A to evening to merge with your fur coat, Stir

extreme fires.

Bonzhur, madam, we nicely sat.

cannot be thought forward So far.

Dai, god, success in our thin business! that him the devil will not sort


And somewhere nearby, sweat having brushed away from a forehead,

is Costed by the man who is carefully dressed,

I expects that the destiny

Or, more precisely, the jungle of the Internet will send.