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What to take with itself in a campaign?

So, you at last gave in to arrangements of the next enthusiastic romantic - the friend, the relative or the beloved, and decided to try the hand in a hike. If you the typical city dweller who got used to communicate with wildlife at most on picnic in the next a forest plantation where with comfort it is possible to reach on the car - you traps the mass of unpleasant surprises. For example, the nature can be much wilder, than you expected, and it is impossible to interrupt the bothered communication with it according to the first requirement.

I recommend to learn in detail a route of future campaign in advance and to trace carefully according to the card, how far it passes from the next settlements. It is possible to worry one rainy night in mountains if you know that the next morning you will go down to the settlement where the regular bus will take away you towards to the sun and the blue sky. But imagine that to the settlement - several days of traveling. And the rain everything does not come to an end...

At research of a route pay attention to a land relief - the way on the plain takes much less time and forces, than clamber on rocks and a lasagna through a windbreak. Also I recommend to look narrowly more attentively at group with which you intend to go hiking, in particular, to the head. As far as he is drawn towards an extreme? It is how ready to consider possibilities of each participant? Happens so that already darkens, all were tired, and optimism of the head everything will not run low in any way, and he seeks to bring you to the planned point by hook or by crook even if straight through Everest.

Adequately estimate the physical shape not to become a burden to all group. Whether there can be you at vigorous speed on a cross-country terrain the whole day, all day long? With a backpack in a half of your weight? And if bad weather? Do not forget that even if to you it nezdorovitsya, at least, still it is necessary to reach the next settlement with a first-aid post. However, not everything is so terrible: there are special rescue services which in a critical situation will take away you from top of the same Everest. Therefore surely take with yourself in a campaign the mobile phone which you will turn on only in urgent cases (there is no place to load that-!)

What it is necessary to take in a campaign? Needless to say, backpack. The volume of a backpack is measured in liters. The filled backpack can seem huge and clumsy, but at the same time not to be heavy - a lot of place are taken by a sleeping bag and clothes. Try to compare the volume which will be occupied by necessary things in a campaign, with your physical capacities. The fragile girl or the teenager will suit a backpack in 40 liters, to the average man - 80 - 100 l.

Except a backpack, the classical arsenal of the tourist includes tent, a sleeping bag and a rug. In tent several people usually find room and it is necessary to approach its choice very much and very carefully therefore it is admissible that tent someone takes another. A rug and a sleeping bag - things individual. The rug is put on a bottom of tent for protection against the crude earth - mothers, and over it - a sleeping bag. It is possible to be wrapped in a sleeping bag most, and it is possible to connect it lightning with neighbour`s for preservation of heat. All these personal belongings in principle can be lent at the friends who are staying at home or to hire in tourist club.

Except personal belongings, the backpack of each participant is completed with also public - food and public objects as that: copper, axe, first-aid kit etc., etc. Do not forget to leave the place for this baggage!

Stack a backpack taking into account in what sequence these or those things will be necessary for you. For example, the jacket has to lie from above, and here a sleeping bag which is useful only by the evening, it is possible to put on a bottom. In general, packing of a backpack - the whole art! I will emphasize only the general moments: loading has to be distributed evenly and the backpack has to turn out a symmetric streamline shape.

And it is a little about personal belongings. In well organized campaign is kostrovy supply manager physician - the people responsible for a certain field of activity and all necessary devices and materials having at themselves. However, God helps those who help themselves . I do not say that you have to drag an own copper for emergency, but, for example, reserve boxes of matches never happen superfluous. The same treats drugs and food. I always take with myself the individual first-aid kit, someone stocks up with cookies and lollipops without which life is not lovely...

A small lamp, a penknife, ware - one thousand trifles! I think, there is no sense to remind that the porcelain cup from grandmother`s service in a campaign is inappropriate, it is the best of all to take the enameled or plastic ware, unbreakable and easy.

The last point - clothes. Even in July on the southern coast of the Crimea not blown windbreaker with a hood can be useful to you or the down-padded coat, and also a warm woolen sweater, socks and trousers - is the best of all, ski trousers. I Know

when the sun outside shines and asphalt, the first thought - what for? These things will hardly be necessary for me, only to drag excess freight melts! Believe, weather is deceptive and whimsical, especially in mountains. When you freeze the third night at the fire smoldering under heavy rain, and even without it, you still remember the cap with ear-flaps left at home, and the bathing suit which is incidentally got from a backpack will cause an attack of hysterical laughter. So, basic rule of marching clothes: it has to be waterproof, not blown and... it is obligatory to have the duplicate.

Do not forget about convenient, strong, waterproof footwear. Someone puts on sneakers, someone prefers army boots, but anyway, the first requirement - convenience! It is the best of all to do shopping, of course, in specialized shop, but if for any reasons you decided to save on footwear, keep in mind: after a campaign, most likely, it will go to junk. Stones, water, slush - all this will put marching footwear out of commission. Do not take old footwear if it is near death that subsequently it was not necessary to tie up a string the squelching soles.

And socks has to be much, a lot of, good and different. Because it is not excluded that it is necessary to change them three times a day. To sleep in wet socks, as well as to put on next morning rotten socks, very unpleasantly and it is not useful for health.

is not less opposite to Sleep in the jeans which got wet through. And let you are not confused by the increasing backpack volume - in this case better to be reinsured! Ointment from frostbite can adjoin to cream from suntan, sunglasses - to a raincoat, ski overalls - to swimming trunks. The main thing that all this was available because - there is no place to disappear!

All of you still want to go to a campaign? Then take a sheet of paper and the handle and make the most detailed list of all necessary. By the way, train tickets and documents are included into their number. Successful to you campaign, faithful and cheeful companions, sunny weather and good mood!