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How to kill time in hospital? Option 1

Flu, an inflammation of kidneys, lungs, antritis - at all these diseases we most often are hospitalized. And, as we know, discharge from hospital not really - that quickly. Doctors almost always advise to stay in bed an illness, and that it can give complication.

So, you appear in chamber where to find for yourself occupation very not easy. So to do?

Appears, there is a lot of exits


Being in hospital, it is possible to find many new friends, at least, by misfortune. So do not hesitate and do not wait until conversation somebody begins another. Safely address, and you will not notice how time in conversation with the new acquaintance will quickly fly by. Also you can play with the cellmates in board games - cards, checkers, dominoes. Or, if you have beds on castors, can organize the hospital races championship within the chamber (only let someone surely costs on a stirrup and that doctors will not be delighted with the arranged rally).

Books, crossword puzzles

Yes, of the book: try to esteem (it and for mind is useful, and the imagination develops). Read some interesting book. You will not even notice how your intelligence will instantly increase. And apply the gained knowledge in solving of crossword puzzles (in this case for you will better esteem the encyclopedia).

A window

A what there behind a window is created? From time to time check: look out. Well, if absolutely there is nothing to do, then you can just observe. It is good if windows of hospital come to the populous street, then it is possible to check probability theory. Consider the passersby who went to one party and back, then write down all this in a notebook and learn the stunning statistics. It is also possible to sort passersby by a floor, approximate age and color of clothes. All this will allow you to draw very important (for itself) conclusions which you will be able to share when you leave hospital, or directly in the chamber with neighbors, and at the same time will spend the sea of time.


Ask any unnecessary and silly questions to doctors and nurses, it seems The Doctor, what syringes you use? or The Doctor, you have children? . Still you can ask to read the fairy tale for the night or to sit with you until you fall asleep. Thanks to such talk you will be able to make friends outright with the doctor. Besides, the probability of your premature extract will grow from hospital several times.


train because time in hospital is the best time for increase in muscles. Bend each finger on 20 times each hour, and in several days you will feel results. Develop memory: say that if every day again - on 20 times to press small pillows of fingers of each hand to big (it turns out approximately so: the little finger to big, anonymous to big, average to big and index to big - and so 20 times on each hand), it improves memory. Personally I did not check this method therefore I cannot warrant for it. But all of you equally try, of time - is more than enough!


Time spent in hospital is ideally suited for your ingenious creativity. So do not hesitate, safely take a pencil in hand and draw, write prose, compose verses. Then you can read them to neighbors in chamber or even doctors. Perhaps you real talent? You will become pride to hospital because exactly here you proved.

A player, mobile All this I delivered phone, the laptop, a PDA to

on the last place because these devices can guess to use everyone, and a superior intelligence it is not necessary here. And here alternative ways of carrying out time are known not to everyone.

So I wish you excellent health! Also be not hospitalized!