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What is gonzo - journalism?

Hunter Stokton Thompson - sometime heard this name? Or rather, doctor Thompson? Is not present? Good fellows those who remembered the well-known movie of the last century Fear and disgust in Las - Vegas ! Yes, yes, disgust, but not any there hatred! Johnny Depp in short shorts, huge points - pilots squeezes teeth a mouthpiece while Benisio Del Toro is authorized to declare: As your lawyer, I cannot release you one! . Very few people know that the image of the addict - the anarchist, thus the doctor of journalism, Raul Llyuc is written off from the author of it gonzo - the best-seller.

We will begin with what gonzo is a certain direction of modern journalism which main difference are own experiences and conclusions of the journalist. Not events create the reporter, and the reporter of an event .

Add the reporter with extremely radical views of everything here that occurs around! Breaking life stereotypes that was quite difficult in revolting 60 - e!

Present that you are dear doctor of journalism! That you were directed to do the reporting on the annual summit of police department! Present that the main subject of the summit is fight against drug trafficking! Present that you have in hands a small suitcase up to the top filled by all known narcotic substances! Presented? Means, you for a minute visited Hunter Thompson`s skin!

Gonzo - it is very honest. Extremely subjectively, but in essence expresses the general opinion. Gonzo is an impudent reporting without any rules. The reporting which contradicts System. The reporting which is conducted where there are even no events for the reporting! the Accurate characteristic to give

to this direction extremely difficult. A clear boundary of a genre just does not exist. There is an example as are born gonzo - reportings:

Expensive edition decides to light popular competition of those of years on the pages. Motorcycle race on the heated sand of the American desert. Anything supernatural, ordinary action, marathon race. The young journalist Thompson goes to the Colorado desert with light baggage, having taken with himself only the typewriter and a small small suitcase. Everyday life gonzo - the reporter begins in the bar at hotel. After long conversations with frequenters of an institution, after several glasses of whisky and tablets from a small suitcase, the typewriter begins to click keys tirelessly. Gradually, the paragraph behind the paragraph, passions of the route give way to passions political. The sandy storm rises! Banal coincidence, combination of circumstances, but Henry Kissinger is the leader of race, bears the same name, as the adviser of national security of the USA. The inflamed doctor`s brain, warmed up amphetamine, a mescaline and whisky, it is tenacious grasped this parallel.

Desperate race of the pigs who are torn to narcissism and bloody material welfare at last presented the only leader! All a post - the Vietnamese niksonovsky dirt a fetid stream from Washington rushed to the Colorado remote place! And all in order that this pathetic worm of Henry won race of vanity, race of the seventieth! Dirt of corruption and violence covers with the head of all participants of arrival! Smelly, sticky, she is killed into exhaust pipes, into radiator cracks, into eyes, into ears! Gets more deeply inside, in the brains and desperate racers cease to pursue imperceptible Henry! Everything, now they are his servants, his pigs!.

Gonzo as style of journalism, found the admirers and imitators. Today reporters - anarchists it is a lot of. The Ukrainian association gonzo - journalists can be a striking example. The world community does not take seriously this type of submission of information. At one university of journalism do not teach gonzo. Though many followers of Thompson seriously fight for this right.

Speaking about development of this original direction, it should be noted that in 40 years of its existence, the only conventional lord gonzo - a feather the same Hunter Thompson is. Many tried to imitate it. Many achieved much, imitating it. But all this already was again. Also it is not necessary to be the experienced critic to suspect next doctor Gonzo in plagiarism. Hunter created the whole world, one typewriter and a small small suitcase. It is its world. He, and only he one, could create in the world gonzo.

Question: What is gonzo - journalism?

Answer: This is Hunter Stokton Thompson .