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Whether sounds it is proud person or Alcohol, brains and earnings of

the Gorky drunkard Satin claimed that the person - it sounds is proud. To sound - that sounds, but the drunkard from the point of view of the nondrinker by no means not so looks. And to talk to the drunkard if you are sober, it is heavy too. And the sober person can only despise the drunkard from this or that degree of condescension.

But everything changes in the most magic way if you drank too. Pleasant slackness, interlocutors sparkle with wit, and, above all, respect each other. And if there is no thought left any more, it is possible to sing in chorus, or, at least, a duet. Well, alcohol immeasurably improves possibilities of communication, sober with sober will never reach such degree of proximity as drinking companions. In a trice class, class and other artificial borders collapse, interlocutors in a trice fall to the careless, uncivilized level of communication.

Probably, the solution of a riddle why moderately drinking people try to obtain great success in life, than nondrinkers and boozers consists in it. The first cannot often overcome hidden borders of subordination, and the second so obscure brains alcohol that to them any more not to the solution of questions of career, earnings and prosperity.

Recently this idea received accurate statistical confirmation. The income of the British drinking no more than one glass of alcohol a month is taken as a basis of calculation. And so, the Englishman drinking this dose once a day earns on average at 10 - 20% more, two glasses - for 40%. Then the income begins to decrease: the three-point boozer receives already only 20% more nondrinker if the number of daily glasses increases to eight in day, earnings are lower than them earnings of nondrinkers for 3 - 4%.

The people who are moderately consuming alcohol show the best results, than full nondrinkers or unlimited fans of alcohol in tests for intelligence.

People who used in day from 1 to 3 glasses of wine had the average level of IQ in 108 units for men and 106,2 units for women. Nondrinkers had the IQ level in 104,7 units for men and 103,7 - for women.

Alcohol, and the polyphenol which is even more contained in wine, protects a brain from aging that exerts a certain impact on the level of mental abilities.

It is proved that moderate alcohol intake reduces risk of weak-mindedness. The risk to suffer from it at those who drank daily was 42 percent lower, than at nondrinkers. Those who drank several times a week reduced it by 25 percent, and the examinees drinking less than one glass of wine a week - for 18 percent.

The Canadian scientists during researches received surprising results. It turned out that alcohol is capable to do people by more careful in decision-making. The tipsy person is capable of big concentration of thought, than sober, and, therefore, and to adoption of more reasonable, weighed decision.

As V. I. Lenin told: To Live in society and to be free from society it is impossible and society drinks... And the mankind drinks in the millennia, and, probably, is not going to stop doing it.

Draw conclusions.