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Whether only fishes throw caviar?

We got used that caviar is thrown by fishes. It is right, but not absolutely. Caviar is laid by many water and amphibious. For example, shrimps, snails, erinaceouses But today the speech only about two ikromechushchy. Read:

A frog to replace a salmon

the Terrible trouble hung over the frog tribe. Kvakushkami, is more faithful than them caviar, people became interested. On frogs demand is not really big unless in France, but here caviar... It is easy to give it for caviar of salmons, it is only worth tinting. Poachers suppress lyagukh explosive, choose caviar and barrels send worldwide. Nothing that caviar slightly - slightly tastes bitter, under vodka will descend. It is quite edible and which - where, for example, in China, is considered a delicacy. There it is not even painted.

Not impregnated caviar of frogs is used in east medicine for preparation of drugs, and it is appreciated on an equal basis with a ginseng.

In Russia one kilogram of frog caviar costs 250 dollars, in China the price is much higher. To collect this kilogram, it is necessary to do in more than 500 frogs, everyone brings only 2 grams of caviar.

Recently Cambridge scientists established that unripe frog berries can really rejuvenate cells of the person. But for this purpose it is not enough to eat frog caviar. Everything is much more difficult. However scientists hope to win against Parkinson`s illness or multiple sclerosis by means of frogs.

And here in our fatherland folk healers treat dried frog caviar an erysipelatous inflammation. Caviar is soaked and imposed on the inflamed place. Very drastic remedy.

When hedgehogs begin to throw caviar

In Mark Twain`s story How I edited the agricultural newspaper? the main character was added to the fact that at him ganders begin to throw " caviar;. You think, and I to the same was added? By no means. Echinoid caviar really exists, but not our hedgehogs, but sea hedgehogs throw it. Also consume it since ancient times. Besides, not at us.

The ancient tradition rules to take communion to residents of Japan in one of national holidays liquid from a cavity of a sea hedgehog and a piece of his calves. Who knows, maybe, in Japan from - for it such big average life expectancy, 89 years?

Caviar of sea hedgehogs is literally larded by biologically active agents, vitamins and minerals. Not without reason Japanese call it sea ginseng . There is no sense to list them, it is very long list. To list so long what medical effect is rendered by the preparations developed from caviar of a sea hedgehog.

It both prevention of aging, and increase of intellectual activity, and normalization of a blood pressure, and strengthening of a potentiality. Caviar removes radionuclides and increases resistance to harmful factors of radiation therapy that, naturally, with delight is perceived by Japanese.

No wonder therefore that residents of Japan annually eat not less than 500 tons of caviar of a sea hedgehog - and in pure form, and in the form of additives to various dishes. From an easy hand of residents of the Land of the rising sun echinoid caviar became fashionable also at us, however, for the present only at elite restaurants.

The last shout of new fashion - alcoholic tincture from this caviar. Not only that she strengthens immunity, facilitates coronary heart disease, raises a potentiality and rescues from leukemia, so it also helps to avoid alcoholic intoxication. Truly, a gift for alcoholics. If there is enough money for it.