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Lyubov is!?

of the Relation turned sour Once again everything ended even without having managed to begin . Stupidity is some. What not so? What disturbs the normal person (can do it not absolutely modestly, but I want to believe that I still in senses and terzvy memory) to have normal human relations? Nasty character? Well, vrod I never differed in bitchiness. Indecision can? And it not that I had always enough impudence and courage. Then there can be an excessive aggressiveness? And it not from my opera. I tactful and well-mannered deushka The most interesting that I not one such such is a lot of us And our majority everything waits for some god-send, the prince on a white game (Mercedes) We cannot find the love. Already begins to seem to us and we even begin to believe in the fact that it is absent really! And who told that he is? Show me the person who has it? Only a pozhalst it is not necessary to remember the girlfriend of the friend, your friend! Provide me the real, material personality! So that it was possible to touch and ask it to it a question: as she (he) found (ate) the soulmate! Bored me to wait from the sea of weather, to hope for a miracle and to believe that else there will be a holiday on my street and I will meet the person near whom I will be able quietly to sigh and to rely completely on it Really I, we, are not worthy such small happiness, simple feeling of not loneliness on this huge planet Earth?

Are worthy, my dear, I am simply sure of it and no turned sour relations will force me to cease to trust in it! Well, from where? From where this optimism? I do not understand! This congenital! I cannot get rid of it prosperity ! Also I will not be, I will be left the sane, courageous young woman not without healthy share of bitchiness:) And what turned sour today, tomorrow it not to be necessary for me any more, and the day after tomorrow I will laugh at it! Time you, my friend kind, did not want me such fine - fine, that he did not begin to komposirovat to me brains stories about big and pure! In all sincerity I thank for the fact that so quickly finished our not begun novel. Also do not call me more, do not scribble the romantic sms, they already to anything, I am not accustomed to come back and select what once there left! You remained in the past which I in a week will not even remember!

of the Relation between the man and woman continuous secret and riddle. To comprehend IT it seems to it impossible, and it sometimes just loses the head from ITS illogicality. And it is normal. We - different! And the relations at us different! And the relation to these relations at us cardinally opposite. Here therefore it is so difficult to find that person whose views at least will meet a little your expectations of these or those things. And it is possible that we look for the person, unlike us, it who will be solved by us for the rest of the life. There can be it and there will be that love which the girlfriend of the friend of my friend had? And the fact that today it seems to me accident of the crushed feelings and the spent emotions is all - navsy the next step, a step to this love? Maybe it will teach me to understand something better? If this is so, then I agree, at least thousand more of times to walk twice into a same water, to meet and leave people who as a result will lead me to that only thing near which I will understand that Earth is not lonely on this huge planet