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What has to be service in catering establishments?

So, you are going to have supper in cafe or restaurant. Remember that it is necessary to come to cafe long before the end of its work as it is quite possible that if you come several minutes prior to closing, you will not be let in. Catering establishments have the right to limit an entrance of visitors in case in it waiters serve, - in 30 minutes prior to closing and if it works by a self-service method - in 15 minutes prior to closing.

According to Rules of production and sales of products (services) of public catering, to an entrance to the hall have to give you an opportunity to study the menu, the prices, service conditions, and also with the additional services provided in this institution.

If the prices did not confuse you, then the waiter has to see off you to a little table. The little table has to be already served, i.e. on it there have to be glasses, wine glasses, tableware, napkins (paper and linen), spices. In dining rooms and at the catering establishments working by a self-service method the simplified laying is allowed (devices with spices and tissues).

The waiter has to bring you the menu and give time to make a choice. At your request the waiter is obliged to give necessary explanations, for example about from what this or that dish is prepared. After you were defined, the waiter has to take at you the order. The list of dishes and alcoholic beverages specified in the menu has to be maintained throughout the day.

At catering establishments various ways of calculations for food are used: preliminary, payment after selection of dishes, payment after meal, self-billing. Forms of calculations for food are defined depending on a method of service, specifics of the served contingent, type of the enterprise and its specialization. At the catering establishments working by a self-service method when calculating the consumer is handed the cash voucher. Where service is carried out by waiters, payment of the released production is made on the account issued by the waiter. In the dining rooms serving the constant contingent of visitors (workers, employees, students, pupils, etc.) calculation for individual or group subscriptions can be used.

At the enterprises of food at hotels, stations, the airports, in the place of work and study, and also at the enterprises serving socially unprotected groups of the population along with traditional forms of product sales sale of complex breakfasts, lunches, dinners, various on days of week can be applied. However you remember that nobody has the right to impose you a complex lunch - you can order only one or several dishes from entering a complex.

In some countries the joint account which is subject to payment, joins a separate line percent for service of the visitor by the waiter, so-called tip. We have no such rule, compensation of the waiter is already included in a total cost of dishes and service. Therefore if at any enterprise of food you are forced to pay extra still some sum, besides specified in the account, know that it is illegal, and you can quite make the corresponding entry in the Complaint book - it, as before, surely has to be at each enterprise. Moreover, for such extortion it is possible to file a lawsuit. The account, the receipt, the check, testimony of those who were with you together at this restaurant or cafe can be the basis for a legal claim.

All catering establishments have to give to the consumer an opportunity of check of a measure and weight of the culinary products sold to him, goods, and also compliance of the realized product (service) to requirements of standard documentation.

If the consumer finds shortcomings of quality of culinary products (the rendered service), underweight or shortchanging, catering establishment is obliged at the choice of the consumer:

- is gratuitous to eliminate the revealed defects;

- to reduce the amount of payment for culinary products (service);

- without additional payment to make a similar dish, a culinary product (to repeatedly execute service);

- completely to refund the consumer`s expenses connected with acquisition of low-quality culinary products (service performance).

As a rule, it is simple to exercise the rights at catering establishments as the competition in this sphere is quite high and the enterprises try to attract clients with level of service.