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What has to be public catering ?

to Which of us were not necessary to have dinner in any cafe, dining rooms, cafeterias and other institutions called by the capacious word public catering ? Badly washed out glasses, dirty tables, the huge, slowly moving turn, frank roughness of service personnel - all this pictures from ours, there is a wish to trust, already to antecedents.

Gradually the situation changes: big restaurants are succeeded by small cozy cafes where friendly waiters offer a wide choice of well prepared dishes. So, let`s understand that it public catering today`s and how to orient in a huge number of the appeared public catering institutions.

The catering establishment is the enterprise which is carrying out functions on production, realization and the organization of consumption of culinary products and rendering of services. In other words, this institution in which make food for sale sell it and give an opportunity this food here to consume.

In order that the catering establishment could carry out the activity, it has to be registered in accordance with the established procedure, i.e. have the charter and the certificate on registration. Besides, the enterprise has to have the license for the right of implementation of activities for production and sales of products (services) of public catering, and also certificates on the made production. The enterprise in which range are included is wine - vodka products, have to have the license for the right of trade in alcoholic products.

Depending on level of service, the equipment, etc. all enterprises

of public catering are subdivided into types (restaurant, cafe, the bar, the dining room, snack etc.) and restaurants and bars as well on classes (luxury, the highest, the first).

The type and a class of an institution are chosen by his owner, and the city administration, through the division which is responsible for a condition of trade carries out certification of the enterprise with the purpose to define whether there corresponds the declared type and a class of an institution to a real state. In each region the certification rules at the heart of which - requirements of state standards imposed to rooms, the equipment, stock, the list of the provided services, the technological modes of production and also other requirements considering features of this region are developed.

For receiving the class luxury the enterprise has to provide to consumers high level of service in combination with providing additional services (the pre-order by phone, sale of the accompanying goods, the organization of a recreation area, etc.) . The trading floor of an institution of this class has to be decorated on the individual project, in uniform art style with use of decorative art materials. Similarly (on the individual project) the sign has to be issued. The stock and the equipment have to be in harmony with an interior. Printed materials (menu, price tags, packing, etc.) have to be executed in a uniform corporate style. All employees, including waiters, have to have vocational education and wear company (uniform style) clothes.

The catering establishments applying on the highest class also have to provide to consumers high level of service. The trading floor has to be decorated in uniform style, taking into account specific features of the enterprise. The sign has to be executed on the individual project. The equipment and stock have to be in harmony with each other. Workers have to wear clothes of a uniform sample. All employees, except for workers of a trading floor, have to have vocational education.

In institutions of the classes luxury and the highest without fail waiters have to serve you.

At last, " enterprises; first class have to provide to consumers appropriate level of service, be made out according to specialization of an institution, have a standard sign, the standard equipment, usual packing materials. The staff of the enterprise has to have sanitary clothes (white dressing gowns and hats). The workers who are engaged in acceptance and grading of goods have to have vocational training.

Appetite pleasant to you!