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Why to the dentist panorama?

Correctly speak: a toothache - one of the most unpleasant. You address to policlinic, but before treating, the stomatologist should define the reason causing pain - to make the exact timely diagnosis.

And here doctors are come to the rescue by engineers, physicists, experts of other technical disciplines. The devices created by them for diagnosis of diseases of zubochelyustny system allow to see invisible. Such, for example, as panoramic tomographs. In them in the course of shooting the object of research is appeared by a narrow bunch of x-ray radiation, and due to the movement of a radiator and the cartridge with a x-ray film on special trajectories the image in the form of a cylindrical surface is selected. All this allows to receive a picture with the image of all teeth of the patient. Also such picture looks, I will honestly tell, very impressively. It is possible to hang up as a picture, but it is better at a window that it was visible on a gleam.

In what cases research on pan-tomographic dental devices is shown? The image of all teeth of the patient on one roentgenogram is simply irreplaceable at prosthetics, it is extremely useful at periodontosis, in traumatology and some other cases. At the same time research of one patient does not exceed several minutes.

It is known that the person has 32 teeth. At an intra oral method of shooting the envelope with a x-ray film is pressed to an internal surface of a gum then the patient fixes his situation a finger. On the roentgenogram no more than three adjacent teeth are possible to receive the image. And if the rectangle of a film was shifted aside? To repeat a picture? But it is additional beam load of the patient that is extremely undesirable. The panoramic tomography of zubochelyustny system allows to solve all these problems.

Panoramic tomographs are known already for a long time. The best samples of pan-tomographic dental devices are developed by the leading firms of Japan, Finland and Germany. There are also domestic models of the pan-tomograph developed in the Soviet Union.

What prospects of development of a panoramic tomography, in particular, devices for diagnosis of diseases of zubochelyustny system? It is known that the works directed to increase in number of the used trajectories at skull pictures are conducted. It will allow to conduct researches of zubochelyustny system of patients with various (including non-standard) anthropometrical data. The possibility of change of thickness of the allocated layer is investigated during the shooting. It will increase informational content of the image of teeth on the tomogram and will reduce the level of radiation of patients. Besides, the control of panoramic tomographs by use of the latest microprocessor systems is improved. Now in panoramic tomographs it is possible to refuse use of a x-ray film and to pass to environmentally friendly computer technology. There is also a possibility of three-dimensional visualization; this technique will allow stomatologists to investigate a spatial arrangement of various fragments of teeth and surrounding soft fabrics. A number of models of digital panoramic tomographs is available to medical institutions already now.

So if radiological research of teeth is necessary to you, previously discuss with the stomatologist on what device it is better to carry out it: on usual dental or on the panoramic tomograph. The last are available in many policlinics, at least, in Moscow.