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How to be if Something with my memory became ?

Probably, each person come up sooner or later against a situation when the necessary information somewhere of takes off, drops out of the head . The result is familiar to much - we abuse ourselves, the head full of holes, an old age, life But such approach does not improve situation, on the contrary, leads to stresses, irritation, despondency.

Actually could not be expostulated for memory , and it is better to understand what is it and as works. From the point of view of psychology memory is an ability to receiving, storage and reproduction of information. I will add: necessary information in due time.

Memory (visual, acoustical, figurative, logical and mechanical) is given us by nature, but, unfortunately, we without effort remember or what is interesting, or what drew attention with brightness, the loudness, repeated repetition, i.e. - something blew the mind. Remember what is at the tip of the tongue? It is good if thoughts around idea or creative process and if it is scraps of phrases, the become attached songs, advertizing slogans?

And now tell, affairs, phones, addresses, a lot of people to whom it is necessary are how interesting to you to call with which it is necessary to to meet? They and do not keep in the head because do not match anything . But nevertheless life is life - they are necessary to us so we will try to make friends with the head .

Practically all know that the thinking happens logical and figurative. And incommensurably bigger amount of information can be kept in images, so, they and need to be used. To make process of storing the most effective, we will connect to it logic. It is necessary to find interest which promotes storing, let it will be creativity of transformation of boring information in colourful images.

So, we develop figuratively - logical memory . What needs to be remembered logically communicates with image (because it is similar, conformably etc.) then we build logical communications for association of simple images in the complete picture. Now this image - history will be remembered firmly.

Only do not strain, trying to remember something. Our process will be easy and easy.

1) Names are easily remembered in the accord, so often learn foreign languages. For example, when I learned Esperanto, could not remember the word soifi in any way - to be eager, did not think up an image yet: I sit in the desert, I am given a plate of the smoking soy, I speak: Soy, fi! I want to drink! . Result - easily I remember still, unlike mechanically learned words.

To any long unclear name it can think up conformable the offer from simple words - images. For example, the river Guadalquivir in Spain: for anything not to remember just like that. But if to present to the macho who swallowed of kefir on the river bank - remember forever.

we remember names in the same principle. At a combination of an image of a name to the real person both suitable, and completely opposite, ridiculous and ridiculous image well works.

For example: Masha - waves hands, and Maria sings the aria; Liouba - loves

, ask the real person that;

Katerina - goes on the boat;

Vasya - hangs on a horizontal bar;

Victor is an announcer with the microphone in a hand;

Ivan - lies in a bathroom, etc.

at the same time is not so important, you remember a full name or reduced, - having remembered an image, will modify.

And now guess who such announcer with the microphone lying in a bathroom? Of course our favourite Victor Ivanovich! And a live bathtub with a shower - the microphone, reading the latest news? Already other person - Ivan Viktorovich. It is clear, that the main image is a name, and minor - a middle name.

You want to remember appearance? Find in it something interesting, unique, ridiculous, connect with image of a name, a field of activity, or even with phone.

Phones consist of figures, we attribute to each figure an initial consonant:

1-P (az);

2-D (va);

3 - T (ri);

4 is to the P (etyra);

5-P (yat);

6-Sh (is);

7 - With (em);

8 - In (osem);

9 - let will be L;

0 - N (ol).

Further we write down phone: 569 - 35 - 43 Luda. We write out concordants: pshl - tp - cht. We turn into the images and actions beginning on the corresponding letter, for example: while went, the aunt caught a log to heat. In an image of the aunt there will be our Luda very lovely to people, wants to put a teapot, and the log was left!

132 - 90 - 67 Valentin: rtd - ln - shs. Rada to do slippers, there is no laziness, sew urgently. I drag from ooze. Very memorable picture!

2) For storing of the list of affairs, calls, performances, books the intelligence - cards which were constructed by Tony Byyuzen is the etc. best of all to use . to

They are clear to subconsciousness since they unite work of the left and right hemispheres, using images, colors, drawings, rhythm and logical construction. Here the basic rules of drawing up intelligence - cards:

1. The central concept, what you need to make or remember has to include SURELY a color image (at least 3 colors), it can be added with words.

2. The main branches have to be powerful as the main branches of a tree.

3. Branchings are represented live wavy, different thickness.

3. On each of branches only ONE keyword settles down, its search in itself will allow you to get into an essence of the studied subject deeply.

4. As often as possible it is necessary to use drawings, colors, graphic symbols by means of which emotions, the relations are added, accents are placed.

The simplest example: should be bought in a supermarket goods. In the center - a bag or a package, the main branches - products and household goods, then they begin to branch on the one hand on vegetables, meat, dairy products etc., each of which comes to an end with the concrete name and drawing. On the other hand for a bathroom, for kitchen etc., besides each section branches on concrete goods with its image.

Such card is reliably remembered and contains information maximum in a compact form.

Thus, creative approach to storing will never give you an occasion to abuse itself for forgetfulness.

Good luck!