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What you will be asked in the family way about?

And all - pregnancy is called not for nothing interesting situation . Any woman in this situation causes in people around healthy, genuine and that not absolutely for our society usually - very much kind interest. Councils, questions, predictions and memoirs of people around will not let to feel to the thrown any pregnant lady. However, very different questions to call difficult. The majority of what you should answer at this time can be shared into three groups conditionally.

1. Boy or girl?

A sex of future child - the most interesting and most intriguing subject. The huge number " is known; national ways to conceive the child necessary floor it is even more checked methods to define a sex the child of already conceived. Everything is used both time of conception, and skin of future mother, and a shape of a stomach and even how it pulls off a kerchief.

However, considering numerous mistakes both methods national, and quite scientific, the majority of curious try to formulate the question it is flowed more round. Something " type; For Whom do we wait? Most - that for whom there is a wish? or What is promised? . On the first and second options of a question only one answer comes to my mind: Healthy, clever and beautiful child . (I do not even doubt that personally for me it precisely will be both beautiful, and clever. And healthy just there is a strong wish.) Generally, I hardly represent the woman in senses and strong memory which everything including to people unfamiliar, spoke: I so want the girl and here a misfortune - promise the boy .

Most of mothers both future, and already taken place meet in one: Would be healthy, and who there - the girl or the boy is trifles .

2. Well, how you feel?

If in usual life of people, in detail answering the question How are you doing? the pregnant woman who got off only standard " is considered a bore; Normally - unsociable, arrogant person. Terrible recognitions in heartburn, weight in a stomach and other medical details for the pregnant woman as a bad form are not considered, cause the most sincere sympathy and desire to share experience in people around.

The more term, the is more often the question it is modernized and even more often sounds: Well, yet did not give rise? . The most interesting that in most cases the question is set personally, so, the answer is simply obvious.

3. And how you decided?

the People who decided presently on the child and furthermore the child of the second, third or that it is absolutely surprising, the fourth - the fifth, cause in people around admiration with a light touch of horror. You are, of course, good fellows, in such heavy time to decide on the child! . However, during further conversation it becomes clear that about ten years ago time for children was even less suitable, and that it will become better (contrary to all federal programs), there is no confidence too.

Frankly speaking, rather recently I had a feeling that successful time for children it is possible and not to find. At first you study at school and institute - to get children still just early. Then you only began to work - it is necessary though a little to be enclosed in career, to reach something. Children are, want - do not want, constant diseases, a minimum of free time and the other accompanying nuances. Then, when you already reached something in career and whether only began to earn more less normally, it is a high time to resolve a housing problem (options are possible here: to dare to travel, open the business, to take care of the own life darling both other, and other).

So most of women is solved on the child not after competent planning, and just because there is a strong wish! At some moment you understand - everything can be solved. And this greatest miracle on light - your kid - is the most important than the rest.