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How many today costs Soyuzmultfilm on stamps?

World of stamps!. It was lifestyle for millions of Soviet children. Not too rich with entertainments, often just ascetic, life of Octobrists, pioneers and Komsomol members found a way out of healthy energy in such hobbies as a collecting of stamps - in philately.

Brands were philosophy, the whole religion for our generation. For hours examining colourful miniatures, we mentally traveled all over the world, stories got deep into, learned a lot of new. The wealth of the Soviet school students was measured often not by copper coins, but quantity of stamps. Alas! - this hobby cost a pretty penny to patient mothers and fathers. Whether a joke - a subscription on Philately in the USSR cost even 6 rubles! (For comparison, the daily newspaper Pioneer truth cost 3 rubles a year).

To change in total on everything - it was fascinating process, it was lifestyle. The tow-haired boy in philatelic club or school, swallowing of slobbers at the sight of some ships on brands of the new acquaintance, with ease gave for them the old shabby dinosaurs. Already then it puzzly scratched it in a nape, reading on a marochka about some the name 50 trawler - the anniversaries of Great October Revolution testing irresistible repentance for the fact that left fashionable dinosaurs. Besides dinozavrik of course, the equipment - cars, engines, the ships enjoyed wide popularity

Especially advanced from us was understood that the Vietnamese bezzubtsovka - not marriage, but special style of execution therefore klyasser - stamp albums put them in separate. Clever never divided brands in small sheets with the ornamented fields, it was especially prestigious to have number blocks. The boxer Dima from our class collected stamps only on boxing, leaving at those with whom changed, incomplete, full of holes series. Akselerat Danya used general admiration and envy for the fact that corresponded with the girl from GDR, and therefore had a tremendous collection about soccer (boys went from Pele`s images just crazy, but Danya with anybody did not want to change them).

The special valuable scale - for example, North Korean " was formed; zeppelins were more popular, than tanks on the Soviet " series; Victory Weapon . The Soviet boys are these pushful persons and sly fellows! - created the philatelic market, and any estimates from the " magazine; Philately in the USSR from the " catalog; Iver it were not the decree.

Of course, buying in booths beautiful bags, tyazhyolenky from brands, we, children 70 - x and 80 - x and to think years did not think that these small pictures have the collection and market value which by the beginning 21 - go repeatedly grew centuries. Of course, released huge circulations the same Soyuzmultfilm hardly it is possible to sell more than for dollar today. But collections and sets of usual Soviet brands are of quite decent collection value. So, annual sets of usual brands of the USSR from 1956 to 1991 (without the most rare versions) are estimated at two thousand dollars and above today. Which of us could imagine that some rumpled marochka of 1938 in a klyasser of the little scared little boy can be estimated at several thousands of euros today? And how many original rarities were lost, thrown out at us only because on them neither the popular Olympic Games, nor motorcycles, nor even masterpieces " were represented; Hermitage and only - any imperial coat of arms

Yes, truly - we do not appreciate that we have. And can - in it there is some hidden sense?.