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How to make pilaf without special efforts?

Exist hundreds if not thousands, types of pilaf and are even more recipes of its preparation. I will risk to offer one more recipe with own additions. As the person I not only busy, but also lazy, improvements are directed to reduction of efforts. It would be better if it cooked itself, but as it did not manage to achieve, it was necessary to include nevertheless which - what (minimum necessary) actions.

According to my recipe will be necessary for preparation of pilaf: a copper (cauldron) of rounded shape with a cover, with very small flat part at the bottom, from an aluminum alloy (it is easier to clean); pulp a mutton steam room from a young lamb, and at its absence - pulp of pork any (even frozen), chicken fillet, turkeys, but not beef; rice round any origin, well cleared that it was not necessary to touch; carrots; onion; the sunflower oil refined (flavourless); chicken cubes; pepper red ground (paprika). I do not apply the spices for pilaf sold in bags as they impact unusual (often unpleasant) relish.

The main thing in my recipe - a ratio of rice and water: on one measure of rice - two measures of water. Change a ratio - pilaf will be either too dry, or wet (gruel).

The carrots and onions peeled and cut in cubes have to occupy no more than 2/3 cauldrons. Meat on weight has to be as much, as well as vegetables, but is possible less.

If is not enough meat, it is necessary to cut it small pieces, and will seem much. Amount of rice - on number of eaters: a half of a tea cup on the person. Waters as it was told, twice more. Vegetables and meat should be cut in advance, to fill in rice with cold water.

To lay out small cut meat in a copper, to fill in it with oil that covered and to put on strong fire. Constantly stirring slowly, to slightly extinguish, fill up vegetables and to mix. To extinguish, stirring slowly until onions become a vitreous look. To fill in with in advance prepared boiled water to a measure. To throw 1 - 2 cube and to fill up a little pepper. To extinguish, foam will not disappear yet. On the boiling weight ( zervak ) from above to lay out rice, previously discharge from it water and to evenly distribute it on a surface.

When zabulkat all this again (these are several seconds), to reduce fire to the smallest and to cook longer under a cover of exactly 45 minutes on the timer, neither it is more, nor it is less (well, is not terrible slightly any more).

That`s all. Carefully to stir and spread out ready pilaf on plates. To it it is possible to serve salad, kefir or tomato juice. Also eat on health! The main time occupies painful expectation as a smell astounding!