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What to present to the man? Make exclusive a candle or a candlestick!

became the rule Now that candles mostly are a female gift because they are decorated with spangles and possess fragrant aromas. However Chubais at a knife switch in our country. And even a strong half of mankind should while away evening with a candle in hands once. How it is possible to give this gift actual and for men? And it is easy!

Everything that is required to you - it is a candle, for our idea well twisted. Now it was necessary to find a small iron lid. It is only necessary to podplavit a candle bottom over fire that it filled previously oiled form. The candle takes a screw form! Only before connecting to it a cover, it is necessary to make a notch on to a hat a screw, it is a longitudinal strip which becomes, at least, the handle from a tablespoon.

Agree, it has to be pleasant to men! Now how to present a gift: of course, it is possible and to hand so though it will be more ridiculous to turn in several layers of newspapers and a brilliant wrapper - as a big candy. To hand with words: To the Big child - big toys! or Now to you Chubais is not terrible! I warrant For originality of idea.

If there is already a candle which you just decided to present someone, then it can be added with an original candlestick. For certain you will be able to find a steady cap from shampoo or shaving foam, the disposable glass or the cut-off plastic bottle will also approach - the choice depends on diameter and the sizes of a candle. I think, it will be simple to find, especially to sweet teeth, a foil from chocolate and candies. It we will also issue the chosen basis. First of all we will stick around everything ours material .

Having chosen a plastic bottle, at first we will cut it across, then we will wind with a foil the lower part, then top (with a lid) we will lay out a foil from the inside and we will insert in lower a cover inside. The standard candle has to rise well there. And the main stage - ornament. On a foil it is easy to paste something even usual glue therefore we will consider possible options: =>

Having cut out a strip from a foil, having twisted zhgutik, you can paste it on a bottle (glass) glue, around, from below up. There are such options as: to sprinkle a product on glue with beads, spangles and even the multi-colored pencil shaving made a usual edge. If to shake a feather pillow, it is possible to find quite nice plumelets and to paste in the form of a flower, a fan or even in any way. Not bad the multi-colored foil from candies curtailed by a bow, florets or the figures which are simply cut out from it looks.

It is pleasant to make such podsvechnichka both for himself, and for a gift to others, especially if you are not afraid to experiment with registration. Good luck!