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Whether comfortably to have a rest in Prielbrusye?

Want to share the councils what it is worth waiting from ski resorts of the Caucasus for. If you decided to discover for yourself Prielbrusye, then note my article, perhaps something from it and is useful to you.

I appeared in Prielbrusye for the first time, and traveled on the car. I can tell

At once, I as the person unsophisticated in differently - different resorts, the abroad and other, drew to myself in the head a certain picture, as from the fairy tale. Mountains, the snow sparkling on the sun, private hotels standing in mountains, skiers with Father Frost and Snegurki`s flush - snowboarders, a set of small cozy cafes, hot tea and local hychyna and chebureks!

Everything was absolutely not so.

First to what needs to be ready if you travel on the car - it is posts of traffic police. If your region not 07 (Kabardino - the Balkar republic), then be going to raise the claim. Even if you the respectable citizen, all the same will stop you and surely will carp at something, most often and the easiest to pay off - if it toning . Costs 50 r, 100 rubles are more rare. Can even if to you carries to write out the admission to the place of elimination discrepancies .

Locals, representatives of Stavropol Krai, go as true hot Caucasian guys : without light, crossing continuous some time they can directly go on it, despite of the fact that on counter rush, overtake directly in a forehead, well and the most important - toning at them still that, and of course, the traffic police does not brake them about it.

So, it was small retreat about car owners.

Prielbrusye represents a chain of small settlements - Tyrnyauz, Terskol, Azau. All hotels which are in the district are occupied!! And, whether it be Soviet, with old carpet paths, ragged walls or private hotel - there are no places. It was created impressions that even nobody wanted to look for them. Having traveled over all places of a lodging for the night, you come to a conclusion that it is necessary or to sleep in the car, or to look for the apartment for the night.

The average prices of the apartment from 500 rubles from the person in days. About comfort forget there! It will not be there, and do not hope. In the room 4 beds, the old Soviet radio receiver, a three-leaved mirror, a parquet on a floor (Soviet), on walls 2 carpets. The bathroom and a toilet are combined. From a rust, the toilet bowl of the top cover a tank has no bathroom of brown color, it same as sink too. Horror, in a word. Here it there housing!

Further that shocked me - it is an opportunity to eat or at the worst to have a bite. More precisely, lack of such opportunity!

Well advertized cafe - just a snack bar. The dark room, smoke from a fireplace, began to smell oils from kitchen and the mountain of the dirty and not cleaned ware. The food is not heated to the necessary temperature, it is possible to wait half an hour and then you will be told that you did not wait since the order still will long prepare. Do not go there, keep to yourself nerves!

The Picnic area, popular with tourists, does not justify the name during the winter period. A big glade on which the mineral source, the local grandmothers offering knitted things, the KBR cards, cheese, " beer proceeds; Terek and other picturesque bagatelles. On a glade literally the friend on the friend the stalls shouting that are ready to treat you with hot hychyna, chebureks, pies, shish kebabs are poked. In vain do not slobber, there everything is closed!

Even there in the head came to nobody to a New Year`s season to stick couple of tens of hychyn and to sell and receive a denga. They do not have it.

Cafes do not differ in hospitality, dark, crude, condensate on a ceiling accumulates. Strikes the menu for the tourist who arrived to the Caucasus - borsch Ukrainian, a shish kebab, salad on - Greek and somewhere there, on the last page - hychyna. Know that if at the very beginning of the menu it is written about service of 15% to the account to you even the table will not be wiped all the same, and you there too will not find a tissue. there is no

comfort and elementary SERVICE! Do not wait, for mountains and snow there!

Perhaps, on it surprises can not end. Let`s pay the attention to the settlement of Azau - it is an inner sanctum. Here to you both elevator and routes and the two-main Elbrus.

If you not especially are eager to stand in a queue on the elevator of hour 1,5 - 2, then it is worth rising a bit earlier, having the day before taken equipment in hire - approximately 500 rubles of a ski, snowboards, and hours in 8. 30 - 9. 00 on a kanatka.

Without tickets there is no entrance therefore know some cunnings. All rise is broken into so-called turns - Azau - the Outlook, the Outlook - the World, the World - Gar Basha. The first two stages - you buy tickets in cash desk on 90 rubles one rise on one turn, on Gar - buy bash on the place if kanatno - the chair road works, owing to fine weather conditions. It is also the 90th river

If you the first time in mountains, you know what is skis, and no more, or you just at excursion and above sea level does not include in your plans to go down on skis from 3800 by 2000 m, then be not entered on arrangements of the cashier to buy tickets and for descent. 90 rubles

Remember the same: tickets only for rise. Go down and so, stowaway, for it nobody will throw off you from the car down.

The Old Outlook, height of 3000 m arrived to the first station above sea level. There is one hotel with the only toilet at this height there. All same cafes, no more than 2 - 3, a heap to the people, stuffy, damp, it is wet.

Further you are waited by the second turn in the car to station the World. Height is 3500 m. One cafe.

the Third turn on Gar - Basha. It is possible to go on the chair road to 3800 m, and it is possible and on the ratrak - to the level of 4200 m

Arrived. Were unloaded. A point of 3800 m, Gar`s station - Basha, or still in a different way, Barrels.

rip Desire to drink to tea, to have a bite, be warmed in the bud. There is no cafe. Except barrels in which there live climbers there is nothing!

Having admired beauty of Elbrus, and it has, by the way, 2 heads - 5642 and 5621 m, and it the biggest top in Europe, it is necessary to go down sooner or later. Be attentive

, even the most inveterate skiers or those who call themselves such, are traumatized too. So attention and safety in mountains above all!

Now you know all nuances of travel to the alpine skiing resort area! Good luck and fine rest in mountains!