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Whether mummies will recover?

History of mankind knows not much ways of burial. Burial in the earth was the most widespread long since. Many people burned deceased in funeral fires. Were also such which left bodies of the dead on eating up to animals moreover built for this purpose special constructions. In most cases people sought to get rid of dead bodies, knowing from experience that from them it is not necessary to wait for anything good. Because the decaying body is a stinking smell and a source of an infection. And the body was again involved in natural and eternal circulation of substances in the nature. Once, in initial classes of school, to us gave the shocking example of what would be if there was no this circulation - the earth would be filled up in billions of corpses.

But couple thousands years ago in some countries, in Egypt, Assyria, Persia, appeared and widely the special method of burial - embalming extended. He - that just pursued the opposite aim. According to mystical views of ancient Egyptians it was necessary to keep a corpse longer that the soul after clarification had an opportunity to come back to the body, thus finding immortality. And Egyptians succeeded, mummies are stored in the millennia, however, they come to life only at cinema.

After falling of the last dynasty of Pharaohs embalming was strongly forgotten, and interest in it revived only in Renaissance. Embalmed mainly the powers that be. So, in France embalmed the acquaintance to us on To Three musketeers the king Louis XIII, in Russia - Aleksandra , Aleksandra , the empress Maria Aleksandrovna. By the end of H_H of a century embalming became some kind of fashion among rich and znatnenky.

Embalm dead men and now. For this purpose there is a lot of reasons. Before and most often, to preserve a body to a funeral. There are cases when term between death and burial is forcedly big. But it is a temporary measure though allows to keep the dead man for very long term - for a week, month, year. Embalming is carried out by special employees of service of funeral services, as a rule, such experts is only in the large cities. Whether expensively it costs? Yes not really. On official quotations - 300 - 500 rubles. On informal as all of us know, more expensively, but not much more.

Preservation of a body on tens and hundreds of years manages in the sums available only to the big state. Therefore for longer term embalm much less often, as a rule, proceeding from political reasons, turning in sacred relics communistic leaders. Lenin was the first, of course. Made it contrary to a desperate request of his widow, and, of course, contrary to will of Lenin who and did not suspect during lifetime about a possibility of such outcome. Before revolution such burial was considered as just blasphemous. But were used letters of workers .

Ilyich was followed by Days Yatsen, Choybalsan, Ho Chi Minh, Mao Tse Tung and others. The last joined a face Saints dear companion Kim Il Sung embalmed in 1994. Alas, many leaders - Stalin, Envera Hodge, Georgy Dimitrov, Clement Gotvald, were already turned out from mausoleums, reburied or cremated. Who in line?