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What is an egregor?

do not think that it is possible to prove or disprove existence of God scientifically. Science and God - absolutely different categories; so, say, the knowledge of the multiplication table does not prove existence of the good and evil. However there is a point of view which is surprisingly mentioning, apparently, incompatible things. Strangely enough, it in many respects coincides with opinion of representatives of Church. Only word God it is substituted for other concept.

One of distinctive features of people consists in what they tell. And they speak if they do not lie, then that think. And when people think, they allocate in surrounding space certain radiations which form the power field bearing in itself certain information.

We will not press in a question what radiations are. Most likely, it is set of various forms of energy. The electromagnetic component is easily caught by the encephalograph, but it can be also acoustic energy of low frequencies. Recently it is fashionable to tell about the torsion energy though nobody can distinctly explain what is it. Many call the biopower field aura.

People on the globe billions, and their cumulative bioenergy represent impressive size. In " air; ideas " soar;. They obviously influence us. That is, people form the certain uniform mental field uniting them. In some degree people begin to think equally, they partially lose the identity - an information field - the general. Such power - information education is also called an egregor.

In relation to this field, we are the same, than the separate cage for all our organism is. Being a cage of a universal organism, we cannot learn up to the end it, but the fact that it influences our behavior - undoubtedly. If a certain group of people thinks of similar parallel thoughts, influence of an information field in this direction will be stronger.

And what to think of it in parallel? If Orthodox Christians think and Muslims about another pray for one, and, then everyone has the private egregor. Them much more, than people on the earth because each person is many-sided: it can be rich or poor, full or hungry, courageous or coward. And each of properties makes a contribution to formation of the uniform field. By the way, the people writing to ShZh have the egregor too, and there are even a lot of egregors as one write articles, others review them, the third edit, and all this the different egregors united in one.

The integrated thoughts interact with each other, are imposed one on another, and their cumulative influence can be very powerful. It is easy to notice it in places of a big congestion of people: on meetings, at stadium, at concerts or in church. The people conceiving equally easily infect each other with the behavior.

In it, from the point of view of atheists, salutary power of prayer is concluded. Being among adherents, the person always gets roof additional power, feeling of safety. And walls help with a home. Having lived all life under the influence of a local information field, the person gets feeling of the Homeland.

How to make so that the integrated bioenergy earned in your advantage? Very simply. Go there where there are your adherents or people sympathizing you, or, at least, simply not conflicting with you. It can be either the Temple, or a house party, or a meeting with schoolmates, not very well. It is important that you aloud stated the wish, i.e., prayed. That your prayer got to consciousness of people. People have to accept your thought. And then the prayer will earn. For example, in response to your wish will begin to cure you.