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How to bring up the child weak-willed and spineless?

to raise children weak-willed, to you, dear parents, will be required to put a lot of effort. In - the first, it is necessary to do it very much early, and that they will read any books, will see enough telecasts and will hammer into the head that it is necessary to be strong, courageous, strong-willed, to aspire somewhere, with someone and something to struggle. And why it is necessary if clever, but immoral persons rule the world, nobody, except own person, not respecting? Let to themselves direct further, and your task - it is reliable to prepare the little son for adaptation in the mad human world filled with any dangers and zhestokost.

Your education of the flabby and coward individual can break against a wall of auto-suggestion and foreign suggestion therefore din into it parental postulates since the earliest childhood, still until when he wants to stamp the legs independently. Do not allow to show to the kid any independence from the cradle - impose from all directions, bind as a doggie, or, at the worst, put in manezhik and let to himself sits very quietly.

As soon as will move the handle, a leg, run to it headlong with lectures: You what you do? You want to fall and break the fragile stones, or to break a pretty head? Sidi to yourself very quietly also consider igrushechka! . When it grows up also all - will dare to rise on the legs, do not allow to go independently, all the time warn: You Will stumble, you will fall and you will hurt a nose . Do not forget to give effective examples: Here the girl ran on the apartment. Stumbled about a chair leg, pulled on itself a cloth with a vase, broke a head - now is in hospital, and to it the injections baking are given

Still it is necessary to remind constantly the kid that on walk did not approach children - it is possible to catch something that did not release a mother`s hand - can offend that gave toys to nobody - explain to dull: If spoil, you will cry, and will break surely - not the, strangers try to Feed with

from a spoon as long as possible! If your kid tries to show independence and to snatch out a cup from hands or a spoon, threaten that handles belts to a stool to a pristegnyota.

And still - do not forget to show constant care about health of the kid, do it from morning to the evening: What at our small bean? . Never trust the baby if on your stickings he claims that it is not hurt by a head, does not prick in a tummy, does not pinch in a neck Press on a tummy, feel a forehead, examine a neck, check temperature and at the slightest suspicion on an indisposition do not let out from a bed. Do not take in head to send the kid to kindergarten - there will teach it and will infect with it!

Do not allow it to run, jump much, let sedately goes with you for the handle. If asks to teach him to float, explain that it is dangerous and absolutely optional to be able, refer to an example of own life as you perfectly do without any swimming. Surely help to wash with a bathtub to the most mature age, sweeping aside any his shyness. Check always as it tied laces on boots as are buttoned clothes. If your little son till sixteen years did not learn to tie well laces, acquire to him footwear without them. By the time of achievement of school age the child strongly has to acquire that the world in which he lives is terribly terrible, and dangers trap the person continually Never encourage with

friendship with other children and always emphasize: You at me such good, well-mannered boy, and all these - from market families, crude! .

Do not forget that you should together sny prepare lessons from the first class and to the last that it is not necessary to encourage independence - from it one troubles and to you excess efforts: will write dirty - time to lose on copying is necessary, will do mistakes - it will be necessary rules to explain If does not want to rise in the morning, do not insist - let a little in a bed will luxuriate. In school by a hand see off, constantly check a portfolio and pockets

If is lazy homework house to do, then do not force - the program of training incredible difficult, and the boy should take a walk, to play, to listen to music. In a class is lazy? The teacher is guilty of it: cannot intelligibly explain. For improvement of relationship in school, do not forget to come into contacts with teachers. That strongly did not carp, hand presents to them in a case and without case with hot conviction in words: Well that you, it is such trifle. The little son so adores you and your lessons! .

You remember a look of the child - his soul is reflected in it - still Anton Semyonovich Makarenko warned about it: The Child till seven years, and sometimes later, does not own expression of eyes, in children`s eyes probably, mind and intentions " are clearly read;. School training increases uneasiness in souls of children, and you can find it in the opinion of the little son. The alarm can help to concentrate attention, memory, and still, who knows, to make active mental abilities. Do not allow such disturbing state from - for any marks on progress!

Successfully to fight against uneasiness, you have to remember that in each age period it is shown on a miscellaneous: younger teenagers are disturbed by the relation of parents to marks therefore never pay attention to them. For the senior teenagers the attitude towards progress of your child of schoolmates is important, but with it at you will be all right as he will avoid with them close communication, and the most disturbing at this age are excellent students and poor students. Inspire in the son that the three too a good mark - so you and he will find serenity and tranquility if you do not want

A that your son grew up weak-willed, flabby that he did not live by the rule It`s not my business - I know nothing? Arrive on the contrary, and you have to receive opposite result!