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Whether war between television and the Internet is admissible?

What to choose - television or the Internet? TV or computer?

Personally for me the answer to this question is unambiguous. Also would not like to spread another the opinion. As they say, tastes differ. I consider that life without TV would be more boring. But it is sure that the Internet is more useful and it is incomparable more interestingly. And if there is time, then it is better to spend it at the monitor screen, to make something useful.

Also it is very a pity that most of people kill evenings at the TV. And do not recognize any sense of proportion here.

It is possible to understand those which listen to telecasts, being engaged in some another matters. Under the " TV; it is possible both to make a lunch, and to sew a button. It is possible even to have breakfast - to have dinner if transfer does not reduce appetite. Such it is possible to call listeners unlike audience which as the Chinese bobbleheads watch everything. And with identical attention absorb also three series in an evening, and news between them, and all accompanying advertizing. Not only that it harmfully affects on health. Worse the fact that it straightens brain crinkles.

But all this preface. And was an incitement to writing of this article here that...

... Analytical " program; Postscript ( P. S. ) - not the worst transfer in the Russian TV. If it happens to be her listener, - I do not switch off box some moments are even interesting.

But the other day heard in P. S. as the leader diligently, even with ostentatious fervor, read on written, that the Internet is intrigues of America that it is harmful that the most part of content the American there.

On the TV told this nonsense, and at this time it, box three persons only in our family looked. And how many still inhabitants heard it? I think, millions. Whatever you may say, but the TV remains the means of obtaining information, most popular in the people, today. Somehow heard a joke that in Russia with its help it is possible to make for half a year the president even of the bear who is pulled out from a taiga. It is clear, that will turn out if TV speaks negatively of the Internet. About it and now many grandfathers - grandmothers do not want to listen, and after similar telecasts will jump aside in general from one mention of it. Fortunately, it is fair only to a certain part of the senior generation. The youth already made the choice.

It is pleasant that The Internet is podryvt by the authority of traditional mass media (this expression from the above-named telecast). Whether only this way it? Neither print media, nor radio can complain of it. They are still popular, successfully find the users. Perhaps, only the television can see the competitor in the person of the Internet. Now in a network, about the computer the majority of the thinking individum spend time. They can obtain any information, learn the most various points of view on the most different questions. And not only to learn foreign opinion, but also absolutely freely to state the. And to state not in municipal kitchen, and publicly, for general discussion. The national consciousness is also formed of such separate opinions.

Annoyingly that authority television is undermined slowly. What do we see now? Having hardly woken up, our citizens hurry to include blue " screen;: Who there still was killed? I Remember words of professor of Preobrazhenskoye from Heart of a Dog . Today he, it appears, would speak so if not worse, about television.

-... Also do not read the Soviet newspapers in the mornings. there is no

- So others.

- Here any also do not read...

how many a negative it is possible to see directly since morning! And then the whole day with it to live. But it is already necessary for our inhabitant! It is worse than any drug. Series, crime, chronicle, murders... And mass of advertizing. It is also our television. Which on all channels says now same that will order. Channels which broadcast in own way closed long ago. And the TV hosts and authors respected by the people - were dismissed...

In opinion P. S. the Global network is guilty of the beginning and continuation of war in Iraq. Like, vjetnamsky war managed to be stopped without the Internet, and here the Iraqi proceeds though we and have an Internet. A pier he, the Internet, deceives naive citizens, convincing them that they are masters of their own lives. And actually everything remains still, all main servers are in America and the Internet only the weapon of Americans against Russia and a way to earn money. When the speech comes about America, behind everything it is necessary to look for money and the power is literally from a perdacha.

But, I`m sorry, unless not the Russian television for money fools the population, daily from all channels convincing them of what is necessary at this moment of the power? Unless not TV spreads in minds of respectable citizens of idea of the owners? In TV for all 100% fairly known expression who pays money, that also orders music . And here the population has no alternative - listen to what is told, another could not be heard. Most of all our television irritates the fact that more and more the active, thinking citizens spend time behind monitors of the computers, but not at " screens; boxes . Not thoughtlessly behold that will show. Also do not watch stupid advertizing which becomes more and more importunate. The usual competition is available. And here the monopoly of TV will not return any more. The future, undoubtedly, behind the Internet.

the TV and the personal computer have to be in each house. They are civilization products which are urged to make our life more saturated, full. Each of them has the right for existence. But they have to coexist, supplement each other. To lift a topic of the day, to set people thinking or show an aktivost, to take in hand the gone too far officials is on forces to television with its infinitely extensive audience. But to arrange discussions with people on the air, and then to shut them a mouth as we have not enough time, let`s others express - it is absolutely unreasonable. For discussions, the Internet is suitable for the free statement of the opinion more. And no war between these benefits of a civilization can be allowed.