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What to do to simple people in our mad world?

the Population of our country are divided into two unequal categories now: the first are those (them about 10%) who one way or another appropriated national good (voucher privatization concerned only 15% of state ownership) and serves them; the second are workers and members of their families which deprived of means of livelihood. Some part of the second category of people somehow adapted to this mad world (shuttles, small traders, handicraftsmen etc.) but the majority anyway balances near the poverty line. But also small businessmen are in every possible way restricted and oppressed, do not allow to be developed to please to nomenclature enterprise structures. The stall costs not there, did not share with administration, the market will be demolished, still something will be thought up.

Most of our people still turn looks upward: here the kind uncle will come - he will punish baddies, will give us work, and everything will be good. To a great regret, the last 15 - 20 years showed that to hope to us there is nobody. There were production cooperatives - they were liquidated. Before private and small business erect such obstacles that it becomes unprofitable to work. New workplaces are created infrequently, and take there whom it is favorable, and these are usually illegal migrants. And now in general create them the most favorable conditions.

generally, to all of us it is time to understand long ago: neither the president, nor Federal Assembly, nor meetings and administrators of all levels, by and large, is present to us no business, they solve own problems and are only surprised when somewhere the people begin to knock helmets or to block streets: cho actually it is necessary to them? We gave them freedom, well and give! And that still jerks will be called. (Generally as the poet told, at gate this gathered there as him are people! And cho it is necessary - we will not understand!) . All of us should understand and accept that nobody, except ourselves, will help us. To demand the, of course it is necessary, and our elects even of flies will cease to catch that. But it not the main thing. Look back around - what it is possible to earn from? What is not enough? What can each of us make or sell? And there is a lot of it, at us the sphere of means of consumption is abandoned, Chinese - vyetnamsy import we live.

Itself you cannot - unite with the knowing people. And the production cooperative on ruins of some former production can be created!

Because is told: Nobody will give us disposals - neither god, nor the tsar and the hero! We will achieve release by an own hand!