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Whether it is necessary most to lay eggs to understand fried eggs?

Will be distributed quietly muffled,

the Pillow compassionate shout,

the blood irrigated Stands

Behind a door, having frowned, the old man.

From a blade gripped strong,

is Viscously kaplt on a floor by blood,

Only one eye shines under a cap, the Old man costs

, having knitted an eyebrow.

Before it, holding a hand a wound,

Lies the old woman all in blood,

Lies it in the field abusive,

strives to Groan quietly. (Estimate a rhyme, the Lord!)

To creep it there are no forces, but nevertheless,

Clinging for an oriental carpet pile,

I showing a mad ugly face,

the Old woman drags a transitory torso.

or it:

I told it modestly:

Wipe saliva on soles he did not understand

But a hint,

Thought, all this is serious.

(All quotes - original).

It is natural that, speaking about criticism, I mean not the records in total type goats and I have in a look concrete remarks, for example: the rhyme is poor, the stanza primitive, a rhythm limps on both three legs, and the composition reminds a premature Minotaur - a gidrotsefal. In reply immediately follows immortal balaganovsky And you who such? ...

And whether it was necessary to expect some logic from the head capable to invent such lines:

It is the most terrible Barmaleev

I more perfectly than all mutants,

to It equal there are no plebeians

I of the sparkling sideboards.

The appeal to Belinsky who, as we know, except criticism wrote nothing does not help. In - the first, it is necessary to know who such Belinsky, and is even better - to represent what role he played litas. process of the time. What the most part active on a field of graceful literature does not know and the nobility does not wish owing to congenital cheerfulness. And even if will remember something from a course of literature of the 8th class then shrillly ask opponent - and you che, Belinsky, huh? of

at the same time the poet are without a moment`s hesitation sure that - it if not new Pushkin, new Gumilev precisely... Also it is very offended, chtoneizvestno who dares to touch a rough paw its trembling masterpiece. You supposedly at first prove, and then and express!

Simple thought - PROCHITAT, what claims are stated to it and to miss the creation - or perhaps it really so? - does not come to mind to anybody.

But also it not the most surprising. Usually near abusive or just skeptical record about clumsy verses of young talent the enthusiastic records which are generously seasoned with smilies same young soul of admirers settle down. As a rule, from 6 to 8 under review. In a cool manner! Write still, korefan! This the best that I in life read I so cried, you are a genius, come to Asya, kisses! - and so on.

I that is characteristic, me never before, there now just never was brought to see that though a little confused author spoke against rough glorifications. That pier, children. Thanks supposedly of course, sincere, but you bend it. Perhaps I and talent, can even the genius, but somehow it is immodest. Wait to write the angry letter to the Nobel committee. Perhaps, you just not really understand verses?...

Though from style (and especially spelling!) enthusiastic calls of admirers and fans absolutely clearly even to the hedgehog slandered by a rumor that it is the third in life the poem read by them after We carry with ourselves a cat and By the mother-in-law`s house I joking apart do not go ...

Here that is amazing! All this crowd of the joyful faces which are not disfigured by intelligence - in the best possible way suits for an assessment of verses, for passing a verdict, assignment of ranks and an izlivaniye of an incense, and that only skeptic immediately appears:

and) the layman

) the envious person

in) a rastoptatel of gentle poetiny soul and literary Chikatila

of) the destroyer of mutual harmony of hearts of the connoisseurs and judges who gathered on this forum.

If the rebuff writes the faultfinder a being of a male (or due to a misunderstanding considering himself as that), then after that an important calm the written reasoning on Creators - creators and Critics - parasites and envious persons who do not have the place under the moon usually follows. In especially started cases still the deep psychological analysis of the tostuyemy faultfinder and his deplorable marital status, what adversities allegedly follows and move the marked zoil to rush shod boots into lileyny soul of the poet.

If otlup is written by the girl, then special emphasis is placed on unearthly forces sincere nobility of the poet: a pier, verses and the truth not without sin, but what person - that good! And subject intimate, perezhivatelny! What difference, what rhymes there, an amphibrach everyones when heart suffers! It is impossible so! The person can in general cease to write!... And the mankind will lose such here, for example, lines:

It will leave away, will dash away afar,

does not feel sorry for you for It at all, He will forget

about you,

of Little girls is a lot of on Earth.

You will suffer, suffer,

Is vain to shed tears,

But not to return the girl of,

It made the woman you.

(spelling everywhere author`s)

Here both Pushkin has a rest, and Asadov goes to smoke...

One more fan of graceful literature pleases us with such revelations (spelling again - the author):

It is always more interesting to read not the professional work written with all the heart than already ordinary templates of outdated writing of professionals! Yes, of course creativity it is always creativity what would not be professionalism level - it is always gift! Yes, judging by the preface, you will not meet

" here; ordinary templates of outdated writing of professionals! Here even in spelling the young enthusiast manages to bring the mass of an innovative delicacy. Where there Academies of Sciences with its zayeets and the paraclown!

And try to tell that if newly appeared Ovidy ceased to write to 80% of cases and was engaged in cutting out on a tree or cultivation of bees, it would be everything only on advantage. Well of course, except a tree and bees. Try to tell that if its verses are so intimate that any remark kills it on the spot, then it is not necessary to hang out them in the public place with the heading People, you kritiknit me . After this remark you can already put on a basin the head and run in an entrenchment...

But the most radical attempt of virtual suicide the statement is that it is quite good to know for a start language in which you create verses and prose. Words grammar syntax and spelling work on the inflamed creative consciousness as glass wool in pants. Here the extreme option of reaction of poetic pack including the full review of your tediousness, callousness, lack of talent, personal disorder and so on is provided to you.

Especially strong to critics got for the above-stated reports to not verses, but the prose directed on litkonkurs mediocre. The prose was here such (spelling of the author):

Autumn day was given extremely warm. The lonely girl went on avenues. The turned yellow leaves hiding the covering tiles which cracked from time were cheerfully turned at it in legs. The slow movements of harmonous legs, beauty of a fair flowing hair, a faint smile of thin lips, a roving glance of blue eyes, - all this gave going mysteriousness.

Here it is even difficult for i to find

words from a shock. I will not be afraid of this word, a catharsis... Leaves in legs... The description of hair right after a mention of legs... And why the slow movements of harmonous legs give to the maiden special mysteriousness? Unless there is a resolution or the bylaw that owners of harmonous legs moved as it is possible toroplivy?

Reflections did not leave it, it was easy to be noticed on a look of going. Having noticed something interesting to it, it stopped, the look of blue eyes fell down. Being in such situation, the girl as if compared what was seen with some internal representations. After a while it raised the head, turned the eye afar and, indifferently, continued the way.

Remarkably clumsy description which if to be torn through the mass of unnecessary details, leaves impression of a mechanical doll at which the plant comes to an end...

The man was near already to all, at each word he slightly bent to it, reducing dividing them distance. The girl, contrary to desire of speaking was not removed, however in her eyes everything is the fear flew.

Somebody understood what here is written? You will tell me at a meeting. And further there is a lot of - many kilobyte same and even even more than. Overloaded with unnecessary details and repetitions, viscous as bitumen, poor and semiliterate literary trash.

This person can write prose, I ask you? And you answer me: cannot. And that you think - for ascertaining in quite acceptable expressions (appreciate endurance!) it scientifically - the medical fact natural squall of reproaches in a literary and household chikatilstvo fell upon critics. And not from the author, and from his competent friends and even from one large (according to his own statement) the American writer.

Was specified that my attempts to strangle young talent suffered an evil fiaska, and this author came to wide Road of Life, bearing before himself the paper edition of it... masterpiece. Now - that he, unlike us, laymans, definitely has the right to express Literature as the recognized and published writer!

... With us Lord`s force!