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Who is better - the woman or the man?

Now, in anticipation of elections, go different discussions and, including whom to choose - women or men. These discussions rely on the proclaimed principle of gender equality and on the fact that now 3 women are queens and 6 - presidents. Generally in world history there are many examples when women were in power (3 of them were even Pharaohs in Egypt), but often they used it with not smaller cruelty, than men.

the First woman president in the contemporary history became Isabel Peron (Argentina) after death of the husband - the president, but was overthrown. The first elected woman president was Vigdis Finnbogadottir (Iceland). Now in higher levels of the woman hold these or those leading posts in 30 countries of the world. As you can see, not so it is not enough, but whether it became better to live in these countries? I doubt! By the way, are just elected Michelle Bachelet`s (Chile) presidents, Ellen Johnson - Sirlif (Liberia), Micheline Calmi (Switzerland, the second time in the history of this country), Tarja Halonen (Finland, is re-elected for the second term). Women apply for a prezidentnsky post in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Israel, Canada, France and other countries. By the way, the state of Liberia in Africa if who does not know, was organized by the Blacks from the USA who came back (as it was in Israel), on the historical homeland and arranged to local population (as well as in Israel) bloody I ban proceeding, both there and there, still, irrespective of who was a president there - the woman or the man.

Advocates of equality of women say that it is wiser, kinder, more fair than the woman etc. In life - yes, and that not always, but not in policy. Unfortunately, the world practice of it unambiguously does not confirm. Having become in power, women quickly adopt man`s rules of the game also behave not better. Besides, it is worth to remember that the person comes to the power not in itself, and in team and then observes interests of this team and the political forces supporting her.

Yes, there were Indira Gandhi (India) and Sirivamo Bandaranaike (Ceylon, Sri now - Lanka), but were also Golda Meir in Israel, and iron lady Margaret Thatcher in England. And take the third party in the USA Kandaliza Rice. Yes God forbid, if she in the USA becomes a president! Will not seem to all of us a little!

In my opinion, the question in general is raised incorrectly in principle. It is possible to discuss long that it is better at women and that - at men and that would be if.... But it does not resolve the discussed issue.

The matter is that any person, the woman that or the man, consists of two qualitative half: Goma sapiens that is the conceiving being, and a female or a male. On the first quality we are equal, and a floor has no crucial importance here. And on the second quality we cannot be equal by definition, genetically. So the speech can go not about equality, and about equality. However, one philosopher told that the woman cannot grant the equal rights with the man because she, using the imaginary weaknesses, will surely mount to him upon a neck. But it is more for fun, than seriously.

Unfortunately, our voters meanwhile choose by the principle it is pleasant - it is not pleasant and then also abuse those who were chosen (and, strangely enough, most of our women vote for men).

In my opinion, there is only one criterion of the choice of the candidate or in presidents: choose the one who defended earlier and promises to advocate your personal interests, not very well, the woman it or the man from now on. To my great regret, for myself I do not see anybody it, except the current President of our country.

However, go rumors (gathered in the Network) that the candidate for the current head of administration of St. Petersburg can appear (by the way, the governor is an illegal position, in the constitution such is not present) Valentina Matviyenko who can provide continuity of the power and in 4 years will make room for V. V. Putin, but it is so far only rumors. And that! It has experience of diplomatic and administrative work, in St. Petersburg proved positively. But St. Petersburg is not Russia!

Finally I will address the readers with wishes: love the neighbor as; treat him as you want that it concerned you. The world and wellbeing to your families, and the rest will be put.