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How to restore agriculture of Russia?

of Reform sharply reduced agricultural production in Russia. We slid the level of food of people on 65 - 67 place in the world. And at the same time the import share in consumption of the food makes 40 - 57%, and in big cities of 80 - 90% while the food security of the country is ensured when importing no more than 20%.

the Reason of recession became the direction imposed to us on creation of farmer (country) farms. As a result it turned out that the created huge number of such farms poizvodit no more than 5 - 6% of production, and large-scale enterprises deprived of the state support sharply reduced production. At the same time it is known that in the USA praised farmers exist only at the expense of the state and make no more than 25% of production (other - major agricultural firms), and at reunification of Germany the former collective farms and goskhoza of GDR survived and made bankrupt farmers of the western part of Germany. Now Russia imports

the food for 10 - 12 billion US dollars as though we in blockade also realize the " program; oil in exchange for the food . Perhaps, enough! That we after accession to WTO did not become a dump of the low-quality food from the countries of the West and the former friends who adjoined them?

the Outlined rise in agriculture restrains artificially by debt pressure and the high prices of equipment and technological materials. I consider that it is necessary not to pump money in agrarian and industrial complex and by that it is even deeper to push it in a debt hole (I mean national " project;) and to create conditions for independent development of farms. For this purpose it is necessary:

1. To make inventory of large-scale enterprises and to allocate those which really work, but do not live due to land lease.

2. To write off the saved-up debts to the government and semi-government institutions from the chosen farms, to delay payments to commercial structures for 2 years.

3. To cancel for 2 years taxes and payments to the state.

4. In 2 years to carry out repeated inventory and to keep those farms in the perspective list, uotory managed to work in market conditions.

5. For 2 years to develop the state system of dating of agriculture on a sample of the countries of the West and to apply it to perspective farms.

All this does not mean that it is necessary to leave without support of farmers who also it are deprived, and rural farmsteads which feed us now.

6. To create infrastructure on government procurement of agricultural products at the fair prices, having driven out of the market dealers (as in the USA), and also on deep processing of this production. to the readers I wish to live

A till those days when our wonderful chernozems start over again feeding us especially as thanks to warming of climate their efficiency shortly has to increase by 1,5 - 2 times.