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What do we know about rules of an aromatherapy?

Today already for many such phenomenon as an aromatherapy - not a novelty. Many buy various oils, aromalampa. Find various descriptions and value of oils, recipes. And it is valid, aromas and smells possess curative properties. But at the same time they can be and are dangerous. Therefore in this article I want to tell about some rules of an aromatherapy.

First of all, it is necessary to tell that any essential oil mnogofunktsionalno. But, nevertheless, between them there are general properties. In any case, experts so claim.

So, general properties:

- all essential oils positively influence nervous system;

- all essential oils well influence the sphere of emotions and mental health;

- all essential oils have the expressed cosmetic and dermatological advantages;

- all essential oils update the self-control mechanism in an organism;

- 70% of essential oils quickly eliminate defects of skin after burns and injuries;

- 65% of essential oils possess the anesthetizing properties;

- 60% of essential oils are erotic stimulators;

- 60% of essential oils well influence functions and a condition of respiratory organs;

- 50% of essential oils normalize functions and a condition of bodies of blood circulation;

- 40% of essential oils is curative influence system of digestion;

- 30% of essential oils clear an organism of slags, neutralize poisons;

- 30% of essential oils restore and increase activity of immune protection of an organism;

- 30% of essential oils optimize work of endocrine glands, normalizing a hormonal background of an organism.

Use in everyday life of aromatic oils gives the chance always well to feel. The main thing - not to count what natural essences of plants will make " at once; revolution in an organism. Curative properties of essential oils are effective, but they demand gradual and continuous use.

But at all this there are several cautions, and to tell more true, governed. I would even divide them into types:

1. Quality of oils.

2. Ways of use.

If you do not want to receive negative result after use of oils, pay attention to quality. Quality decides on the one hand by their effectiveness, and on another - harmlessness.

It is necessary to tell that quality depends on a way of production, zones of growth of an efirnomaslichny plant, time of collecting, the storage period. For an aromatherapy it is possible to use only 100% oils. All others in which there are additives or chemical components are no good. However, I already wrote about in what cases it is possible to apply artificial oils. Unambiguously - not for treatment.

The expiration date of essential oils (except group of a citrus) is unlimited in case oil is stored in the dark, is hermetically corked, at a temperature from 0 to 30 C. It is known that thin oils are improved from long storage (an incense, a rose, not roles, a narcissus).

Remember: essential oils of the apple blossom, a lilac, lily of the valley, peach, apricot, linden,

of a lotus, magnolia, a fern, coco, mango, banana, wild strawberry, strawberry, a kiwi, water-melon,

of a melon, a cucumber - do not exist since these plants are not efirnomaslichny.

Now we will pass directly to ways. Before beginning to use essential oils, it is necessary to seize a simple, but necessary stock of knowledge.

If you for the first time use oil, carry out the test for an allergy. For this purpose apply on a scarf an oil drop, and during the day or two you bring a scarf to a nose. Always it is necessary to check whether this aroma suits specifically you.

the First two times it is desirable for span not to take a bath with oil addition longer than three - five minutes. If you perfectly feel after a bathtub, then can gradually increase time.

If you use essential oils in an aromalampa, the first two sessions should not be longer than 20 minutes.

Begin to use essential oils from the most minimum dosages, perhaps, they will be for you sufficient.

If you use aromas in the cosmetic purposes, do not add oil unknown to you in bank with cream or a vial of shampoo at once.

Never you apply undiluted oil on mucous membranes; sometimes and it is dangerous to apply essential oil on skin.

When you buy essential oil for erotic application, surely define whether this aroma is pleasant to you and your partner.

If your organism does not transfer any essential oil, then refuse its application how its smell was pleasant to you.

In the same way if for necessary treatment a certain oil is recommended, but aroma is not pleasant to you - do not force yourself. Look what else oil is capable to make is necessary for you impact.

If during an aromatherapy session you felt badly, then it is necessary to apply: a contrast shower within 15 minutes. If it does not help, then it is necessary to take a bath, previously having dissolved in it 0,5 kg. ordinary rock salt.

you Remember as aromatic oils are easily absorbed by skin, they and at external use can influence internals and systems of an organism. Therefore before using oil, read the instruction and contraindications.

Doctors insist on flat refusal of pregnant women of use of essential oils of a dudnik, a basil and a juniper, and other aromatic oils should be used in concentration twice smaller, than usually. Though, I would advise pregnant women to use oils in smaller concentration. The smell can cause pleasant feelings the first minutes, and then make strongly impact. So far you will take a shower, you never know as it will manage to affect your state.

At a high blood pressure avoid oil of a hyssop, rosemary, a sage (all types) and a thyme.

to People who suffer from violations of warm activity essential oil of a basil can damage.

the Irritation of skin can be caused by impact on it of essential oils of a marjoram, rosemary, a thyme and a lemon.

Aromatic oils should not be applied in house conditions for treatment of serious diseases.

NOT ALL oils can be applied inside!

Probably, it is possible to list still several rules and cautions, but this article on it comes to an end. You remember the main thing: with oils it is impossible to hurry and be careless. Listen to yourself, and consult on doctors or experts in the field of an aromatherapy even better.