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On what way to go Russia!

new Russia (very disputable definition for the country with centuries-old history) had an objective historical choice - to transform the country as true scientific socialism (according to V. I. Lenin) or to reform gradually in modern adjustable capitalism. However preferred transition to wild to capitalism of domarksovy type which was called period of initial accumulation .

Now Russia endures the period of the development which is difficult even for defining: the remains of former economic way (where the excess profit is not expected), wild capitalism, a financial nuvorishizm under political management of the former and new nomenclature. Successfully the branches of production focused on export develop: oil production, gas, coal, ore, the wood - a round timber, production of metal, etc. The branches focused on internal consumption artificially restrain or frankly a razrusha - yutsyatsya to please to import. Thanks to export excess profits began a vossta - a novleniye and further development of the military industrial complex working so far generally for export. And difficultly profitably to use what cannot be sold, - the science, education, culture, medicine - contains on short rations. The main characteristic features of modern Russia (Russian Federation) - a contradiction between liberaliz - megohm and atavism in economy against feudalism remnants in public administration and restrictions of the rights of citizens - keep the country in the government in with - standing of an economic and political stupor.

Judging by state of the economy and public organization, Russia still stands at the crossroads, without having been defined where to direct the development. This society in which the nomenclature undividedly governs, being guided by the laws adopted by it. The number of officials in Russia increased in comparison with Soviet period approximately by 10 times and continues to grow, priskhodit the new, huge round of growth of officials connected with creation local governments .

Now when repartition of property in Russia generally happened, ru - the kovodstvo of the country should define in what direction of a message the country - on the American or Swedish way as for transition to other types ekono - Mikey does not have objective prerequisites. If the nomenclature and its highest representatives in the power are really anxious with a condition of the people as they declare it, the answer is obvious - the Swedish way of development. For this purpose not to a potreb - it etsyatsya anything special and extraordinary - it is only necessary to bring out of a stupor production of means of consumption for what to create preferential legislative and economic terms of development of production cooperation, small and so-so - go business.

It will allow to form a huge number of workplaces, will open a way for an initiative and labor amateur performance of workers, their children and old men, will create real prerequisites of increase of their welfare. Other way, finishing reforms up to the end will even more worsen situation of the population of Russia. The understanding of inevitability of the offered way will not come by itself, it is necessary to fight for it, creating the parties, the unions and other organizations advocating the interests of workers and their families increasing national representation in all bodies of authority and management. Eventually it is already time to understand that only the rich population can make rich the country .