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What to do to Putin after resignation?

Unfortunately, time of activity of our President come to an end, and he already thinks of the further life and activity. Essential, noticeable for all return to our country of the status of the great power, respect for it around the world is result of its work. However within the country everything is is not so iridescent: about 90% of the population of Russia balance at the level of poverty. Of course, for the last year it made some attempts to improve the provision of the main part of the population of the country. I mean national " projects;. But, as usual, our officials in their realization process case so that at the exit there is significantly a smaller part of a cash flow, the rest resolves in a control system. So for the President by the time of his resignation there will be a big debt to the people of Russia. In this article I want to give advice to V. V. Putin how to repay this debt. the Analysis partiyno - class composition of bodies legislative also execute

- shows to the telny power of Russia that they represent no more than 10% of citizens of the country. Interests of workers, their children and old men are not protected by any party or group of number presented in these bodies. For this reason all reforms and transformations, despite obvious efforts of the President, are carried out not for the benefit of most of citizens, and absolutely on the contrary.

Is convinced that the new force capable to counterbalance is necessary for Russia weed - tichesky influence of officials and is industrial - financial circles. Such force is offered in a look Parties of unity of workers of Russia . And to lead such party leaning on 90% of the population of the country can only. V. V. Putin - the only person in Russia presenting in power structures to an inta - resa of all people. In my opinion, creation of such party and the management of it could become worthy continuation of its successful political activity.

Purpose of party: increase of welfare of workers, their children and a stara - k, achievement of a worthy standard of living of all citizens of Russia.

Main objectives of party:

- Protection of interests of workers and members of their families at all levels state blow - the stvenny power and management of Russia.

- Fight for increase of a standard of living of workers and all people of Russia in bodies of legislative and executive power.

- Consecutive upholding of legitimate rights and freedoms of workers and all - go the people according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

- Providing representation of workers in bodies of legislative and executive power of all levels.

- Upholding of the principles of representative democracy when electing a shouting - rutting of legislature, chief executives and bodies of self-justices - the line.

- Fight for creation of political and economic conditions of ensuring the maximum employment of workers and needy segments of the population (preferential terms of the organization and work of production cooperatives of workers, ma - the ravine and medium business, dating of labor amateur performance of workers etc.).

- Fight for preservation and material security of measures social under - derzhka of workers, members of their families and needy citizens from the state: free secondary and higher education; free medicine - the sky help; social benefits and privileges; free social housing ma - to loobespechenny families and citizens; privileges to labor pensioners and veterans of work; etc.

Motto of party:

Increase of welfare of workers and members of their families, all on - sorts - the main condition of growth of wealth and power of the country .