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How to make tasty tea?

Tea drink, at observance of a reasonable compounding, is useful to health, especially to work of heart. There is a large number of types and grades of tea, but at us in Russia generally drink black long leaf (loose). Originally used tea Chinese until were available for sale Indian and Ceylon. However, in recent years contents of packs of tea remind wine from the same barrel more, but with different labels.

Therefore I personally use and I advise all the Indian tea of the first grade That - a gray elephant . It the cheapest and the most tasty, well is ready, on quality approximately corresponds to that to the Indian tea of the first grade. And buying the Indian tea with the mark premium often you risk to receive the same first grade or even worse, but is more expensive. Unfortunately, the Ceylon tea which possessed exclusive taste earlier is on sale any, tasting like former Krasnodar, disappeared from sale now.

Usually on packs it is written that norm of scalded tea - a teaspoon on one cup and still a spoon on a teapot. In my opinion, it is a lot of and harmfully, drink turns out too bitter. My recipe of tea leaves of tea unites ways of tea leaves Russian and Central Asian.

Fans of tea read, probably, about the Chinese and Japanese tea ceremonies (by the way, they not only). The small Japanese takes not less than 6 hours. Chinese - too long, and the first one - two infusions pour out. I do not know what sense in it, most likely - esthetic, like an admiring flowers of an Oriental cherry or mountains as it is scientifically proved that useful components of tea tea leaves remain no more than half an hour. I make tea with four times smaller norm (half a teaspoon on a cup), and I extract useful substances by means of special procedure and addition of sugar.

All procedure takes at most 5 - 6 minutes. Water, it is desirable cleared, and it is better spring, to heat to boiling, but not to boil. To rinse a scalded teapot (surely porcelain, a lid with a hole!) boiled water. To fill tea leaves at the rate of half a teaspoon on a cup (depending on the teapot size) and to close a teapot a lid. To stand one - two minutes. To fill in with a small amount of boiled water. Again to stand one - two minutes. To fill up sugar at the rate of one and a half - two teaspoons on a cup and to fill in with boiled water to a half of a teapot. To close a lid and to stand three - four minutes. Then to add boiled water to teapot top, at the same time stirring slowly with a teaspoon. Also drink on health, without diluting!

Yes, and still! The teaspoon has to be best of all silver though also melkhiorovy will approach. The coffee spoon with the long handle is more convenient, and it holds half less tea. Select amount of sugar for taste. The matter is that two thirds of sugar in Russia are made from a reed raw, and it not such sweet as beet. It is possible to distinguish so: beet sugar less white and crystals at it are larger.

With a heavy heart and with pleasure in soul giving a family secret, I hope that the tea made according to my recipe will be pleasant to all, and, above all, will bring benefit. And who has no time or to carry out laziness all procedure, just fill up tea leaves and sugar in a teapot, fill in with boiled water, and then stir with a spoon on three times clockwise and counterclockwise. The effect will be almost the same. In such look all can use it - both old, and small (the amount of tea leaves is less!). Health and wellbeing to you, dear readers!