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Own house: to build or buy?

the Country house - real estate optional, however citizens even living in super well-planned apartments sooner or later begin to be tired of vanity of the monopolicy. Today the buyer of a country house has several options: to get a ground and to build the house on the taste, to buy ready housing, or to be installed to the house in the organized cottage settlement. What option is better?

Purchase of a country house not always happens successful. At first sight, it will even be heavy to expert to consider the latent defects which will surely emerge at operation later. From this point of view, it is better to buy the land plot and to build the house. Today the buyers of country real estate preferring to build houses independently do not become less. It speaks simply - to build most cheaper, than to order the house on a turn-key basis in construction company. It is the most favorable to buy already privatized land to construction - this option will bring the smallest number of trouble.

However in construction is also the minuses: first of all the price by which you initially are guided, as a rule, not final. Very often amendments are introduced in the plan of works - there to clean, here to complete etc. But on the other hand, if people already were happy owners of the problem house, any more never you will interest them in purchase of the ready house, they will carefully control construction of the house from the base.

In case you do not intend to spend the precious time for construction of housing, ideal option will become a site on which the house is already constructed and privatized. Such option is demanded among buyers from - for simplicity and transparency - 70% of transactions are the share of it.

It is no secret that the real estate and the earth are the most reliable tool of an investment of the capitals today. The last years it only rises in price.

for the above-mentioned reasons, the market of cottage construction actively develops. To replace chaotic building, projects of comfortable cottage towns with the thought-over concept, the protection developed by infrastructure, nothing conceding city come. Houses in the cottage settlement are, of course, more expensive, sometimes even of more than 50%. Besides, the house in such settlement is also neighbors, as a rule, of one social group.