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How to make a gift with own hands? An album - the book.

the Gifts made with own hands never get out of fashion, and their quantity depends on a state (both sincere, and material) and moods of the donator. If you decided not to spend big money (which, maybe, you and do not have), not to run on shops searching it is unknown what want to express to the person the sympathy, to show how you appreciate him (if you decided to spend time and forces, so it so), then it is necessary to solve what to lay the clever fingers to. Today I suggest you to give

a gift from a photo album. It is not necessary to screw up the face at once: the usual album, of course, became boring, but its modernizirovaniye and somewhat deprivation of usual qualities will be our purpose. Most of all this option is suitable for a prezentovaniye to the girlfriend, but it already at your choice. So, we will start.

For a start it is necessary to buy a photo album. It can be as a small albomchik with one photo on a leaf (if except your hand-made articles in it more nothing is located), and is larger - with two - three pockets for pictures (then presented will be able to use a gift directly). You can get the first pleasant album in the first stall, and can choose something on the Internet, corresponding to tastes of a podarkopoluchatel. For example, on a cover the world map, the inscription " can be represented; gothic style poppy field, hearts and rosettes; the album can be fitted by skin, fabric, with metal inserts or is made under a puppy - fur, closed on a tail - a flypaper. The choice for you.

After emergence of the main subject of donation in you there comes more creative process. You need to find (in a subsoil of own computer or the Internet) and to upgrade various pictures and photos of not really cheerful look: the person who is sadly looking out of the window, alone sitting person, etc. It does not matter, if you not the expert in programs and - la Fotoshop: in ordinary Peyntbrashe it is easy and pleasant to add the text over the image. On each picture about one piece of thought is placed, and together they have to make bo - about - the olshy offer. For example:

Sometimes there are such moments when there is a wish to lower hands when there is a wish to throw everything when pleases nothing when it seems that all from you turned away when it seems that inside everything is dead when there is a wish to disappear from the face of the earth etc.

Then needs to choose several pictures is lighter (the sky, the sun, a smile) and to add:

forget about everything turn an album also remember (it is possible to make in the photo of the birthday man), that you have friends (on the or your campaign).

Then all this is unpacked (if there is no color printer, then it is possible to find and suitable chyorno - white pictures), cut out (1015 most often) and inserted into an album behind. Do not mix, behind because for the face of an album it is necessary to prepare the friendly message. In conclusion of this party: if your photo was not used yet, it to correct that time that the country knew the heroes, and your / your friend / girlfriend did not forget from whom this gift and who for him / her hope and a support.

Now we dig in deposits of pictures on the computer again and we climb on the suitable websites searching light and joyful . Yet there did not pass the craze Teddie`s bears (gray, with patches) who only and do that speak each other if not in love, then in friendship. They quite are suitable for our purposes. Over teddy bears we enter texts cards to friends aphorisms and lyrics about friendship (Vysotsky do not forget). We send the turned-out images to the press again, on a sawn-off shotgun and we insert into an album.

After a short admiring the work can stick a sticker with an inscription, where to open (behind!) if there is opportunity that presented will open a gift without you, then tie an album with a tape and all - a gift the album - the book is ready!

Work, of course, labor-consuming also demands expenses both time, and means (on Internet connection, paper, a cartridge, and also a photo album and a ribbon), but it is worth it! This creation you will lighten mood to the birthday man, will show to the friend / the girlfriend that he / she to you are not indifferent that you are ready to support and come to the rescue if it is necessary, and at the same time that you the interesting person ready for inventions.

I wish you Udach, good friends and creative achievements!