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Loneliness - it is bad or not really?

Every week psychologists of the whole world receive not less than one hundred letters on this subject.

to One girls or guys is eighteen years, others - have more, but all unanimously repeat that they suffer from loneliness. What there is a loneliness - a sign of lack of mind or appeal?

Well, well, you want to get the guy. For what? Not to be one or to draw general attention to itself? If in a basis one of these reasons, think twice!

Darling is a godsend which should be valued. And if you intend to solve the problems for someone`s account, it is no good! I will tell more: in this case you will lose all the appeal.

The true love at times should wait for years, the main thing - to believe in the good luck and to love itself!

knows Long ago that love the one who loves himself.

A for this purpose needs to receive as much as possible positive emotions, to indulge itself, to rejoice to each moment of life: to communication with friends, the read book.

Do not spend time for reflections on the fact that you have no darling, and do everything possible to be pleasant to itself!

I then, I assure you, it will appear. And when it will occur, you will understand that I was right.

The relations with the friend not always develop easily and simply. But if you did not understand yet why you stopped on it the choice, to you it will be even more difficult.

Perhaps, you maintain the relations with it from - for fear to remain one. Most likely, so it also is. Or you are not ready to serious feeling. To deceive itself and not only, meeting another, to feel guilty, in my opinion, tiresomely. Whether it is better to be alone a little?

Loneliness not such bad thing.

If I did not convince you, what will be so better, put yourself on its place.

Always treat others as, in your opinion, they have to concern you.

Darling - not a thing of which brag and which to all is shown. He has to be both is interesting, and is necessary , but not its car, situation, etc.

do not take in head to undertake a role unusual for you - you will only complicate to yourself life. If you are not pleasant to the young man, leave him. You are you, and it is not necessary to represent from itself God knows that. And then, if the man likes some certain things, it does not mean that he wants to have the girlfriend with just the same tastes.

Is fine when people have something the general. But of the relation can be not less concerning if two are connected by different interests.

of Cinema and television create illusion as if the love lasts eternally. Unfortunately, it not so. Lyubov seldom is for the rest of life - we change, our outlook changes.

That with whom long time everything was good suddenly as if ceases to exist, it is more than that - you do not understand that you found in it earlier. The relations, even very good, often reach the highest point and further cannot develop. It happens when one begins to perceive another as something self-evident, or just ceases to love.

In general, the relations between lovers cannot remain invariable. The first love disorders and awe or are replaced by steadier feeling, or come to naught.

If in the relations with young people you - always the suffering party, that is, you are left, do not perceive it so as if you are useless. Remember: you are same what was when your friend fell in love with you. Only his perception you changed.

The most terrible is when you are thrown . And it should be worried, it is necessary to pass through it.

But life on it does not come to an end, and the gap only proves that destiny you will not outwit that it is just not your person and still ahead. Over time the heartache if does not leave for good, then will cease, and you will fall in love again.

The love brings sufferings, but to love and be all the same darling - incomparable happiness!