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How to prepare Sm ö rg å st å rta? The Swedish cuisine of

In each country, as we know, exists the ethnic cuisine. What only tremendous recipes it is not written in recipe-books of the different countries! And the photos attached to recipes only warm up our desire to try this or that dish. Today I will lead conversation on the Swedish cuisine, on a unique, in my opinion, dish under the name Sm ö rg å st å rta (sandwich-type cake). Sm ö rg å st å rta is the most popular type of snack and decoration of a table for any Swedish holiday.

There is a great variety of various recipes of preparation of Sm ö rg å st å rta: they are both meat, and fish, and also vegetarian.

So what is necessary for its preparation? In the Swedish supermarkets for preparation of Sm ö rg å st å rta is on sale specially cut tosterny bread: not across, what all of us see it in usual shops, and lengthways. It considerably simplifies preparation of Sm ö rg å st å rta. Only it is necessary to take two such plates, to cut off from them crusts and to put them nearby with each other. But such specially cut bread - an optional condition of its preparation, it is also quite possible to manage ordinary tosterny bread which is available in all supermarkets of any country.

For a start it is necessary to cut off crusts at the edges of tosterny bread. It becomes in order that cake turned out gentle and soft. From ware in which usually prepare Sm ö rg å st å rta, it is possible to recommend a big plate, or, what is even better, a tray, and to lay out these pieces, say, 3 on 3. Here also the lowermost layer of your Sm ö turned out; rg å st å rta. The quantity of pieces of tosterny bread directly depends on how many people you are going to treat with it. If this dish for a family of four people, then is enough to lay four pieces in the form of a square. If it is a little more people, then it is better to take six pieces, etc.

plentifully coat the First layer of tosterny bread with mayonnaise. It is also possible to use for this purpose mayonnaise mix with sour cream. Now our task is to cover this layer with a stuffing. The recipe of a stuffing, again - depends on what Sm ö rg å st å you prepare rta - fish, meat or vegetarian. In fish usually put fillet of a salmon, a tuna and thinly cut fresh cucumber, meat usually fill with meat of chicken, and also cucumber segments, well, and vegetarian - any thinly cut vegetables.

When the stuffing is put, we cover it with slices of tosterny bread without crust again. Further the same repeats - mayonnaise, a stuffing and again a covering bread. How many to do layers of bread is your choice. I usually do five layers. You should not pile up a high tower, it can collapse, besides, it will be extremely inconvenient to cut such cake.

When the last layer of bread is already put, it is decorated. For fish Sm ö rg å st å rta use in qualities of decoration of a shrimp, caviar (any), it is possible also boiled eggs, the cheese slices curtailed into tubules, and also lemon slices, and surely greens. From greens the cucumber, parsley or lettuce leaves traditionally undertake. All this is small sliced and put on the top layer of cake in the form of ornament. Besides, decorate with greens all parties of Sm ö rg å st å rta which are initially plentifully greased with mayonnaise. In its meat option it is possible to make rosettes of paste (to squeeze out paste via the device for expression of rosettes from cream).

The dish turns out amazingly tasty, but also very high-calorie. Therefore Swedes, all - do not train him too often. They prefer to train him only during really important events, for example, on anniversary or a baptism of the kid.

Appetite pleasant to you!